The Greater Good

By Je’rod Cherry

What Did Lebron James Give Up?

As the “decision” begins to phase out, I still hold to the notion that LeBron’s actions albeit cold and calculating are not wrong or illegal yet.  LeBron missed the opportunity in my opinion to do the greater good.  The greater good means that one forsakes his or her dreams and ambitions, so  others may have a better chance at life. In essence, to do the greater good one must sacrifice.  LeBron James missed a monumental opportunity.  By going to Miami, LeBron gave up more money and he will have to share the spotlight with Wade. However these sacrifices made by James fail in comparison to the message he could have sent to the world, not just North East Ohio, had he stayed with the Cavaliers.

My hope is that as LeBron grows older he comes to an awareness of the opportunity missed and if placed in this position again he would give the greater good option a try. The people of NEO are also in a place to do the greater good as well.  What we can do in NEO is respect James decision and whenever he returns to the Quicken Loans arena give him applause for seven great years,  this may sound crazy, but if you really want LeBron to feel your pain do the opposite off booing and show him respect that he does not deserve.  In my own life experience I have found that championships are great to have, but ultimately we are all searching for unconditional LOVE. Applauding as opposed to booing would illustrate to LeBron what he gave up.

Unconditional love is not letting LeBron get passes or extreme preferential treatment. This is where Dan Gilbert did not make the “Love Connection” with LeBron.  A very wise man once said: “He who spares the rod hates his son but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” And ultimately Gilbert missed the opportunity I believe to become the father figure needed in James life, this is pure speculation yet I believe firmly that one reason James opted for the Heat is because he saw in Pat Riley a person that would give him boundaries and see him as more than a filler of seats.


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