Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

By Greg Brinda

  • I’m over the Lebron thing…..NO I’M NOT!
  • So just how many home runs does A ROD really have?

  • Yankees fans walk around Cleveland like the zombies from the Night of the Living Dead
  • Some fans think the Browns are playoff bound. Must have been a lot of heat stroke last week.
  • Something makes me think that the Q experience will be so over the top this basketball season and  that going there will be torture.
  • Some people think the Indians will be legitimate playoff contenders in 2012….Based on what?????
  • Write this down; Jake Delhomme will throw more touchdowns than interceptions
  • I’m just wondering what August will be like at Progressive Field?
  • Just wondering what third string quarterback will be a factor late in the NFL season?
  • Finally, I need topics for the Miller Lite 10th inning in September…

1 Comment

  1. Greg- Why is it that no one on WKNR talks about baseball in general, for the AL and NL? There are some great pennant races which will come down to the wire, and there are some very good performances by several players. I realize that your discussions revolve around what callers want to talk about, but it is baseball season. Sure, I am as disappointed in the Indians as you are, but there is good baseball being played elsewhere. For the discussion to linger on this never ending bitterness over LeBron is asinine and pointless- he is gone, he has no remorse- move on. I do enjoy the golf show on Saturdays with you and Jimmy- well done.

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