The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

Great Saturday afternoon to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?  We need to talk……before we get into Browns Camp Day #1, the Tribe got the job done this week by shipping off JaHonny (that SOB rocked for the Tigers Fri night proving he is a lazy, front runnin’ piece of “dreck”, Wood to NY along with Kearns yesterday and Jake to the Redbirds today!  OK, GOOD RIDDANCE TO KERRY”S CASH and he needed save situations to get work, which would  NOT happen here!  How ’bout Kearns – good for him.  He did us GOOD and deserved a shot.  Jake was the one I cooled on trading, but again, good luck to him in a GREAT BASEBALL TOWN!  Yup, I told ya’ (Like usual!) that he would be fine this year and his “FINE” has given him a legit shot at the playoffs!
Did you note some teams getting stringer here – Yanks leaving nothing to chance, Phils as good as anyone to return to the Series and Texas…Rangers add another bat w/ Pro Hitter Jorge Cantu and Padres get 2 sticks…Ludwick and Tejada!  Hmmm…weren’t we supposed to add in ’07, or right after the season?

OK, BROWNS PRACTICE #1 at 76 Lou Groza Blvd!  I loved hanging w/ my boys D Ruiter, Reg and Rizz and ALL YOU FANS and here’s what came down, what I saw…

* Full pads!* Loved seeing all players stretching together, even kickers.  YES, they are part of 53 man roster!* Of course, NO JOE HADEN but NO MONTERIO HARDESTY?  Asked Browns PR types and they said “who” OR “we did not notice!”  I even asked for some HBO to no avail as they were doing their jobs!  WE do find out later that Hardesty twisted a knee (!!) – working out? – and will miss 2 weeks.  What does that mean?  RUN GHOST (Harrison) RUN!

* Of course, PUP guys were Rogers (dang is HE big with or without pads), CJ Mosely and Coye Francies!

* Something new I enjoyed seeing on the south of the Casey Coleman Field House – a HUGE banner with a  BROWNS helmet reading “Thank you for your support. Cleveland Browns”  SUPPORT IT WAS TODAY WITH A RECORD OF OVER 3,000 fans at practice!

* St. Ignatius hoops coach Sean O’Toole was in the house with his sons.  Sean IS C TOWN and ALL SPORTS!

* QB’s wore orange, Offense WHITE and Defense BROWN today!

* Music was crankin’ early, before a ball was put into play and yes, when whistles blew, players moved!

* Saw Robert Royal and thought “dang, another physical specimen, but he cannot catch a football.”  A few drills later, I was proven right.  For every catch, he dropped 2-3 or got the ball knocked from his hands!* Also love the message under the scoreboard on the Casey Coleman Field House that denotes: “THE WILL TO SUCCEED IS NOTHING WITHOUT THE WILL TO PREPARE.”

* Ironic that B Mac (Brandon McDonald) was even burned by DB’s catching balls around him.  I do not feel that he will make the team.

* GREAT to see RANDY LERNER walking the field wearing a blue polo and khaki slacks.  I WANT my owner there.  Sure he cares, but good to have him there!* The BIG SHOW was in a golf cart with that orange (!!) cast on his foot from surgery driving it from the passenger side!  Gil Haskell was seated with him most of practice and I LOVED seeing GM To  Heckert in work out shorts and pull over!  YES, a FOOTBALL MAN!

* FINALLY, we had a semblance of REAL FOOTBALL!- WR’s vs DB’s in a pitch drill where the WR was tossed the ball in the backfield w/ 1 other WR blocking and he had to allude the DB!- Pseudo “Tackling” drilll where the WR came full tilt towards the DB’s in a narrow lane and had to cut left.  The DB’s had to “2 hand touch them!”* YUP, there were youngsters by the scores asking their Dads and Moms, asking me “where is COLT?”  “I wanna see COLT PLAY!”  Here we go…!!!- WE also had the LB’s vs RB’s and as noted, team is DEEP IN LB’S!* Scott Fujita carries himself like a SUPER BOWL WINNER!

* Jake, Seneca and Colt ALL had nice touches early, but Ratliff was the 2nd coming of Ken Dorsey!* I also liked ROB RYAN’S haircut – perhaps once a year to start things off??

* Something to note with the 11 on 11 drills that is important with the O line – Center, LG and LT are set – there were new combos on the right side just about every play! Pashos was down too, so St. Clair actually “started!”

* Mike Adams PLAYED ALLOT of corner!  He is VALUABLE!* Also, I have identified TWO IMPACT PLAYERS for BROWNS this year with the MUNCH HUNCH! – EVAN MOORE – can catch, likes to punish people and RAN OVER ROOKIE SAFETY LARRY ASANTE then stiffed armed the other DB coming over!  He catches the ball, then looks to lower his shoulder on guys!  LOVE THAT!- Peyton Hillis – can also catch and runs like an 18 wheeler going downhill w/o brakes!

* Kudos to JOSH CRIBBS who is learning to become a WR!  PLUS, whew, is getting BIG with muscle mass.  DANG, he’ll shake guys off like bugs this year!  I saw Josh use his body ala Joe Jeruvicius to get between the DB and the ball, go straight up then extend arms to catch the ball!  ALL QUALITY BABY!

* In 7 on 7 Jake Delhomme seemed to lack zip at times but is savvy and got the ball where it needed to go!

* Colt was tossing bombs – Steptoe caught a beauty and coaches and players slapped Colt 5’s vigorously!

* EVAN MOORE (REMEMBER HIM!) ripped the ball away from TJ Ward on a Jake pass for a catch!

* As practice wrapped up, the crowd was screaming for players and many of them came over to sign:- Colt- Josh- Mo Mass- Ward- Gaithers

* One note to fans though, IF you want a player, call them by their right names!  Someone wanted Stuckey but kept calling him CHAUNCEY!  CHANSI dude, CHANSI!

* Saw WR’s CARLTON MITCHELL and JAKE ALLEN taking extra reps with the JUGS gun after too!

* Had a shot to get into a chat with Colt and he kept stressing, even though plans are to NOT HAVE HIM PLAY, one can NEVER think he will not get in!  YOu do NOIT get better that way!  Yeah, it is different and humbling, but he came in  KNOWING the situation!

* Delhomme said something real cool…when told that BROWNS FANS will micro manage every pass: in practice, preseason and season games, he said “NFL QB’s are one of 32 in the world (!!) and that is HOW it should be!”  For him, PRIDE THING to do good here!  He said that for CERTAIN he can help Robo and Mo Mass, but Engram would help them too! YOU ALSO NEED TO KNOW THIS – ESPN Cleveland has Browns Camp covered every which way but loose with the  BUFFALO WILD WINGS TRAINING CAMP REPORTS and we ALL are lucky to have a pro like DARYL RUITER LIVING AT BROWNS TRAINING CAMP!

OK, see you at the Gladiators tonight (Sat) and WING KING OF C TOWN tomorrow (Sun) at B Dubs Fairview!

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