Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

Great Sunday afternoon to you C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?  We need to talk and I need to hit you with a few things……I am coming off a concussion from getting rear ended last week.

Hence, the gourd has been mushier than ever and BLOGS have been scarce although you know my feelings on most blogs – a waste of time BUT I am getting with it, the 21st Century baby-bee!  Funny though, the guy who hit me has insurance and they are acting like I AM AT FAULT for sitting at a red light and getting  rear ended.  Who are they?  Their name rhymes with a stove…aka a “range!”  OK, here we go…!

Cleveland Browns

* ANYONE, especially ANYONE in the MEDIA who is “supposed to know anything about sports and football” making judgement on the Browns today after yesterday’s Brown and White scrimmage at the Stadium is a high grade IDIOT!  Simple as that!

* Remember, I have the Browns at “good” 6-10.  What is that?  No blow outs, cutting back on stupid penalties and making other teams WORK to win!

* TRIBE actually has a nice nucleus of position players for the future, especially when GRADY comes back, and I will not write him off!  Now, pitching…???  The team cannot continue to trade away starters.  I understand CC, I truly do…but what about the Pavano’s of the world?  Now, will 2011 be the year.  NO!  2012 and counting!

* This is my class reunion last night for SOLON HIGH SCHOOL I bumped into former Comet tailback and wrestler, Roger Kruse, who is now and has been for years a “Man of the Cloth”.  Roger serves those in need in India and Indonesia one month every three months these days, truly a MAN FOR OTHERS. Last night he asked me, “Why the vindictiveness, bitterness for LeBron?  He gave us 7 great years…why can’t we move on?”

I was not sure how to answer, except to say “he promised us a championship” and the way it cam down was despicable.  Roger agreed with me on that but again, said, what will it take for us to forgive?  “We put these guys on a pedestal than flip out when they act like deities after WE TREAT THEM THAT WAY!”  Food for thought.

Enjoy every sandwich!


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