The Truth Behind A Possible Extended NFL Season

By Je’Rod Cherry

Will the NFL adopt the 18-game season?

What makes the NFL regular season so special is the sense of urgency that is needed because the margin for error in the NFL is so small.  Nowadays, if you loose six games chances are your team is not making the playoffs.  Thus, a NFL team and its fan base know that they have to be well above 500 in order to make it to the post season with confidence.

The fact that the NFL season is short in comparison to the MLB, NHL, and NBA, is why the NFL is “must see TV.” The desire by ownership two add just two more games will upset a winning formula.  Adding two more games would increase the margin of error, which infringes on the sense of urgency that the current structure so readily provides.

Players are not excited about the prospect of a longer season for multiple reasons.  The obvious are greater wear and tare on the body, while the more subtle reason is that the players at the top of the NFL pay scale are happy with their current status quo. Those at the top of the NFL salary food chain figure:  Why work harder to make the same or even worse less pay, if ownership wins their labor demands.

Time will tell but for know, I will state unwittingly that NFL ownership’s desire to lengthen the NFL season to 18 games, may result in NFL ownership stumbling upon the mother load of divisive issues, that if played correctly by ownership can lead to the dividing and conquering of the NFL Players Union.

Catch my next post, later this week and I shall further explain!


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