Wild, Wild Weekend!

By Michael Reghi

The noise of Boise…State Broncos that is….as the men from Idaho punctuated a stellar beginning to the college football season with their 33-30 win over Virginia Tech to generate National Championship conversation…as in they can now run the table, with just Oregon State at home, and a lackluster WAC schedule standing in their way of 12-0, and a possible bumping of a 1 loss Big Ten, Sec, or Big 12 team from a shot at the FBS title.

Now, if come early December, you’re Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, or possibly Ohio State, and your sitting at 11-1, and get shut out of the championship game, you’ll hear the howling from fans long and loud!

Ask yourself this, reasonably, after watching Boise State play, with excellent offensive talent in Kellen Moore, Austin Pettis, and a strong offensive line, don’t you believe they can play with anyone in the country? I do. I can’t see Boise State getting embarrassed by any of the big boys. Head coach Chris Peterson continues to work magic with players who were told by those programs I mentioned that they couldn’t play at that level, which brings a Boise State team full of 40-50 players who have everything to prove to those who wouldn’t take them.

Look, I’m not suggesting they must be in the National Championship game should they roll to 12-0. Yes, they won’t play in front of 80-100,000 on the road week after week, which becomes daunting, and I understand that trips to Ruston, La., Ogden, Utah, and Moscow, Idaho can’t be confused with Tuscaloosa, Al., or Norman, Oklahoma….yet, this team can hang, and will play with anyone in the country. Could be a very difficult call for the BCS, and Boise State welcomes the opportunity, yet again.

***I’m reflecting on****…The outstanding play of Big Ten qb’s! Loved it! Terrell Pryor got it rolling with his standout performance against Marshall…and many followed Saturday!! Watched both Ricky Stanzi of Iowa, and Scott Tolzien of Wisconsin do the expected, play well, and lead their teams to wins, Tolzien on the road at UNLV, putting up 41 points. Kirk Cousins of Michigan State, and Dan Persa of Northwestern were solid, Persa in his first start, while Michigan’s Denard Robinson, who rushed for a Wolverine qb record 197 yards on the ground, might be the ‘Pat White’ type, that Rich Rodriguez had son much success with at West Virginia. Yet, the one that really caught my eye was true freshman Rob Bolden, who was superb, for Joe Paterno at Penn State! Kid looked sharp, and won the nod over 4 veterans who pushed for the job! Hang on Big Ten faithful….the qb’ing play, which is the lifeblood of programs that look to be elite, could put more Big Ten programs into the spotlight!

***I’m reflecting on**** The Montario Hardesty acl injury which will shelve the rookie rb for this 2010 campaign. I loved the selection, and won’t go back on that stance. Please they gave up one of their three thirds, and two fives to move up to get Hardesty in the late second round. Realistically, how many fifth rounder’s can you point to that make a difference, other than on special teams, if they even make a roster? Very minimal. Intel around the NFL says that Hardesty was going in the next 6-10 picks, and the Browns were bold, knowing they desired a special talent, which he is, at the running back. Please, don’t foolishly believe this young man was going to go undrafted, or slide into rounds 4-5…just not the case. Let’s hope he follows the career path of another Tennessee Vol, and Cleveland Brown..Jamal Lewis, who overcame two acl’s to be one of the NFL’s elite backs through his 6 years in Baltimore. I certainly hope that’s the case…the kid wants it desperately…fact is, the Browns drafted 3 starters in their first five picks, very solid, and could have been four had Hardesty stayed upright. Not going to condemn them now..

Talk to you at 3pm! Afternoon R & R is rolling!

Best, Cleveland!



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