Rogers Addresses Rumors Via Twitter

By: T.J. Zuppe

We are only one game into the NFL season and the rumors and rumblings in the city of Cleveland have already officially begun. The newest one is circulating around Browns defensive lineman “Big Baby” Shaun Rogers.

These rumors stem from a pre-season in which Rogers did not see a down. It was the second-straight season in which he did not see any action before the start of the season. He played sparingly in week one against Tampa Bay and recorded one tackle.

For Rogers, it is not for a lack of talent but more so effort, contributing to constant rumors surrounding the big defensive game-changer, who in his career with the Detroit Lions and Browns has electrified with game-altering ability. However, he has also frustrated in application of his skills, or lack there-of.

It is with all of those factors, that the constant talk of a trade of Rogers has infiltrated Cleveland after consuming Detroit a few seasons ago.

On Monday night, Rogers took a few minutes to address the latest noise, including what he truly wants in a relationship with any team or city.

“I want to be wanted, respected (and) appreciated, wherever that may be,” Rogers said via twitter. “I’ve put a lot into this.”

He also took the opportunity to clear the air with the city of Cleveland.

“(Please) believe I’ve got nothing against (Cleveland) or the fans,” Rogers tweeted. “You all great and supportive, some the best in the business I’ll say. It’s just a reality of the business we’re in sometimes. Things happen (that) you don’t want or (are not) ready for. It is what it is.”

Browns Defensive Tackle Shaun Rogers

There has been a mixed reaction towards the possibility of a deal and if the Browns should consider trading their most talented defender. On one hand, he is the only player that opposing offensive coordinators have to game plan for.

Rogers’ talent speaks for itself, as he can single-handedly change a game with a sack, forced fumble, tackle for a loss, or blocked kick. He also occupies space better than anyone and regularly takes on double teams, allowing teammates to make big plays.

On the other hand, Rogers is known to free-lance, or not play within the boundaries of the play. As a result, at times he has been labeled a selfish ballplayer and not a “team” guy. And if that were not enough, compound that with his off-season gun charge issues.

Rogers seems to carry more luggage everyday.

With that in mind, any trade of Rogers has to be for good reason. A trade for trade-sake would be absurd and not warranted, no matter what the reasoning behind it. It is extremely hard to justify trading a game-breaker on a team that has so few of them to begin with.

But even as the rumors become great fodder, Rogers tried to reassure those who do not want to see him go.

“Understand I’ve not asked, or have been told I’ve been traded in any official capacity,” Rogers tweeted finally, as he explained the conversation was only based on addressing questions that had been asked recently of him.

It will remain to be seen if Rogers will be dealt. There are several teams that could greatly use his services, including a team like the San Diego Chargers, a rumor that has been the latest to surface.

However, if he is dealt by the Browns, it will be just another guy in the line of Kellen Winslow or Braylon Edwards who was as talented as the sky is high, but were not viewed as “team” guys and fell victim to the trade game.

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  1. learn grammar and punctuation rules.

  2. I love Big Shaun…. he is a beast and I don’t buy “he takes plays off”….. since being in Cleveland he goes hard every down

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