One Liners: “I’m Screaming”

By: Greg Brinda

If the Browns lose to KC this week the odds increase exponentially that Eric Mangini is gone by the bye week.

Right now the only thing that excites me about the Cavs is that Byron Scott is now running the show. I think he might be able to work some magic.

Please send in suggestions on how we should celebrate the end of the Indians season.

The the best thing about Ohio State’s win over Miami is the the fact that the Buckeyes matched the speed of that team down South. Barring a hiccup OSU could now run the table but as you know there will be that ONE GAME that will make us all crazy.

Jim Brown

The Ring of Honor lives on whether or not Jim Brown attends the ceremony.

The Indians plan to turn Progressive Field into a winter fun park. How about turning Progressive Field into a SUMMER FUN park.

With what’s going with Michigan this year I’m ready for a super hype game at the end of the season…then again I also like the Buckeyes pounding the Wolverines into oblivion.

I am predicting  that the Cleveland golfing season will last into December. No snow until Christmas Eve.

Finally I want to thank all my regulars for coming back to Buffalo Wild Wings at Westgate for Monday Night Football trivia. This year the grand prize will be a party for 20 for the BIG GAME in February. (We cant say Super Bowl!-Whoops)


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