It Is Still Too Early

By: Michael Reghi

Yet another deplorable beginning to an NFL season with the Browns. A pair of leads, going into fourth quarters…and two losses to begin a season that has quickly tumbled to depths none of us wanted to imagine. And, to further compound the situation, against two of the NFL’s dregs from 2009!

Yes, you’re disillusioned today….probably disgusted, and looking to point fingers at front office, coaches, and players, as in…you want many of them gone!

Browns Coach Eric Mangini

As tough as this is to digest, that simply can’t happen right now. So many of you followed the four game win streak to end last season with the belief that Eric Mangini’s methods can win in the NFL. You know, the head coach who doesn’t need talented playmakers, that might not always walk the company line…that head coach, who feels strongly that a roster full of ‘system guys’, and solid pros who play assignment football, without much margin for error, can actually succeed week to week in the NFL!!!   Sure, many of you sung his praises in January of this year, fresh off 4 consecutive victories, brinmming with confidence going into the offseason.

Don’t look to throw him overboard 2 games in, with a roster, as I’ve been telling you all summer, that is devoid of enough difference makers, especially offensively, to allow this to be innovative, pleasing to the eye, NFL offense.

When Mangini tells you the Browns ‘have to play a certain way’, without 9 penalties that stop momentum, and without the 5 turnovers in the first two weeks, to have a chance to win…read between the lines people…he’s giving you every bit of information you need to quickly deduce that this roster has it’s shortcomings.

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll needs to take a serious look at his personnel, again, which handcuff things, and attempt to find ideas that fit their skill sets, which could be difficult at best.

The offensive line, believed to be solid, if not dominant hasn’t been. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can absolve Joe Thomas, either. The Pro Bowl left tackle is off to a very slow start to 2010, looking sluggish, and contributing to the penalty issues. So, when your best aren’t performing at he level you need…you get the picture.

While I didn’t necessarily believe the Browns would start 2-0, to lose both is unacceptable. If Mike Holmgren is going to make any move with his head coach, it will come at the bye week, 7 games in. Baltimore, Cincinnati, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh in the next 5 spell problems.

My biggest concern is whether or not those 53 wearing the uniforms have complete belief that Mangini’s system, methods, and day to day preparation is going to allow them to win. Are they all bought in? You’ll hear they are if asked. I’m not so sure. Those vets that have been brought in from Philly, New Orleans, New England specifically, know how the process works to get deep in the playoffs and play for championships. As they look around the room, you wonder if they feel that is attainable in Cleveland.

Bottom line is this…you can’t fire Mangini here and now, Daboll either. Yet, make no mistake, the leash is not long. Many were greatly surprised, me included, over the head coach being retained by Mike Holmgren. If this 2010 season continues to spiral downward, the president will have no choice but do the deed during the season. Something he desperately wants to avoid.

Talk to you guys from 3-6 with Afternoon R & R!

Best, Cleveland!


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  1. I would like to introduce a possible nickname for Peyton Hillis the- ‘ BARNYARD BLASTER’ !!!.

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