Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

Great Tuesday morning to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?

A few thoughts about the weekend and games “people play”.  At times it is better when I take a step back from the games…

* I am still HORRIFIED and ANGRY that Jim Tressel and the coaches have NOT fixed the special teams!

* Now, I did LOVE the fact that OSU “killed” another mosquito with dynamite…nitro glycerin in putting away the Bobcats!

* I am not worried about the OSU running game BUT feel the stable is NOT what I have come to expect from the Buckeyes.  POUND EASTERN into submission Saturday as you tune up for the Big Ten season!

* Most fans are calling for Jamal Berry.  I am curious as to what you know that the coaches do not?  He is THIRD on the depth chart behind Saine, Herron and Hall!

* Re: The BROWNS!  Do NOT – yes, truly – count them out Sunday vs the ravens!  The Browns actually have better (!!) OFFENSIVE STATS than the ravens!  Still, I do not want to play Balt after their loss to the bungals!

* Why was Seneca Wallace shackled Sunday?  The best part of his game?  Rolling out, throwing on the run!

* At least Eric Mangini noted he needed to get Cribbs more touches!

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!


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