Cavs Wrap

By: Andrea Cole

Cavs Training Camp Tips Off

For the first time in eight years, the Cavs training camp started without LeBron James. The team is ready to move on without its former superstar.

“There is no LeBron in this building,” said Mo Williams on Monday. “Whether we believe it or not, he’s not coming back. This is who we’ve got. I don’t see the big TNT trailers, the ESPN trailers. This is what we’ve got. This is the hand we’re dealt, and we have to play the best we can.”

Williams had told Yahoo! Sports that he was so distraught over the news of James leaving that he had considered retirement. According to the AP’s Tom Whithers, he took those comments back on Monday.

“At some point, you have to think about what you’re going to do after you play.” Williams said. “It makes no sense for me with three years left on my deal to give money I’ve felt I’ve earned back. It don’t make sense, and the article wasn’t even about me retiring. It kind of got blown out of proportion.”

Williams said he had tweeted a comment which was taken out of context.

Cavs' Chris Grant and Byron Scott

The 27-year-old, who has three years and $26 million left on his contract, said he is looking forward to the season, stating, “When you get here and get around this organization and the new team and the new coaches, you feel excited. You get to turn things around and start something new.”

New head coach Byron Scott said he is inspired by all of the critics who say the Cavs will not make the playoffs without its former star.

“I kind of love that,” he said. “I’ve been an underdog my whole life. In my conversations with guys this summer, they felt the same way and that’s a good thing. So hopefully we can bring that into training camp and it’s going to carry over into the season. We’re going forward. We’re moving on. It’s a new era.”

Running is Theme in Training Camp

Scott had warned all the players during the summer to be prepared to run.

The players did heavy running at the beginning and end of practice. They also ran three series of shuttle sprints in a row of groups, and must complete the sprints within two minutes.

According to the Plain Dealer’s Brian Windhorst, Scott was happy with the shape of the players.

“Guys came to camp in a lot better shape than I expected,” he said. “So our first running thing we did I kind of cut it short because they were in pretty good shape.”

After practice, Daniel Gibson admitted the running was “very tough,” adding, “But I know it is going to bring us closer together, it’s got to. Everybody made it through and we pushed each other the whole way. We’re going to start to love him for it, but right now it’s tough on us.”

Varejao Misses Start of Camp

Anderson Varejao was excused from training camp following his grandfather’s death in Brazil. Scott said he is not sure when Varejao will return.

“Andy has a family matter that he’s taking care of,” said Scott. “I talked to him this morning and told him to do just that. Go back there and take care of the family matter. We’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.”

On Monday, Varejao said he was still slowed after spraining his ankle during an exhibition game in Spain before the summer’s world championship games. Varejao underwent an MRI, which came back negative.


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