Five Quick Things

By: T.J. Zuppe   

Cavs Guard Daniel Gibson

1. Expect a big year from Boobie Gibson. 

No, certainly he is not an all-star caliber guard, nor should we expect him to score 25 points-per-game in this upcoming season. With that said, having Coach Byron Scott install a quick, upbeat and fast-paced offense will help Gibson immensely. Scott has already praised Gibson’s training camp work ethic, as he seems to be the talk of training camp. He has also called him the “best perimeter defender” on the team. What a huge upgrade from years past, where he looked more like a revolving door at the top of the key. Hats off to Gibson, who seems to have taken this offseason very seriously and because of that, and the added minutes he will receive, he is poised for a break-out type campaign. I have been very impressed.  

2. Baseball playoffs are set to begin. And yet again, we do not see the Indians in the elite-eight of major league baseball. However, despite the sadness in Cleveland, nothing beats October baseball. Fall has its own unique feel and smell, and baseball plays into that as much as anything. Some great first round match-ups await us, with the Rangers and Rays kicking things off on Wednesday, Yankees and Twins in the nightcap, and Reds squaring off with the Phillies sandwiched in between. Giants and Braves get after it starting Thursday. As is always the case in the postseason, expect pitching to triumph over the high-payed bats. If that holds true, expect the Phillies to ride Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hammels to a championship.  (But that is why they play the game)

3. Black Monday was a bit different in Cleveland. This past week we saw several teams taking the ax to their managers or front office executives. However, here in Cleveland, the Indians were busy promoting Mark Shapiro and Chris Antonetti to team president and general manager, respectively. Just something to think about and chew on…  

Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor

4. Terrelle Pryor is “just fine”.  

Although, “just fine” leaves a lot to question. Here is a better question: Is Pryor fine, or does coach Jim Tressel have little to no confidence in Joe Bauserman and Ken Guiton? One has to believe it is the second choice, as watching Bauserman at quarterback was both terrifying and nail-biting against Illinois in the Big Ten lid-lifter. Last week all but confirmed the previous thought, that Pryor is the most important player in college football. You can talk all day long about how nice it was to see Daniel Herron run the ball well in the second half, but if Pryor misses any extended time, any hopes of a Big-Ten conference championship go right out the window with him.  

5. The Patriots traded All-Pro wide receiver Randy Moss to the Vikings. And we are supposed to believe the Patriots are better off for it? Is that a joke? Okay, so maybe off the field and in the clubhouse it could help clear the air. But on the football field? You cannot sell me that Wes Welker can step right into Moss’ shoes as a deep threat, number-one wide-out. Moss took the New England offense from good, to elite. He took Tom Brady from formidable, to Hall-Of-Famer. And the truth is, the Patriots have never needed their offense more than they have this season. The Pats defense is not what it once was, and it took some big plays in special teams, and nearly 40 points to knock off the Dolphins and Bills this year. But we should not be surprised. This is how coach Bill Belichik operates. Sometimes he lets pride get in the way of making a smart football decision. But who are we to argue with those Superbowl rings, right?  


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