Five Quick Things

By: T.J. Zuppe

1. How good is Roy Halladay? Seriously, the man they call “Doc” performed his fair share of surgery on the Reds on Wednesday, in his no-hitter in his first post-season game. What a special night in Philadelphia for the fans and the players. It has only happened one other time in history, that being a World Series no-no in 1956, for Don Larsen and the New York Yankees. And the reality is: Halladay is well on his way to one of, if not the best seasons for a pitcher in baseball history. A regular season perfect game, 21 victories, a post-season no-hitter in his first playoff game and quite possibly a World Series championship. Yes, Halladay is not too shabby.


Rangers Pitcher Cliff Lee


2. What does Cliff Lee have to do to get some recognition? The other side of the Halladay no-hitter is the fact that Cliff Lee goes unnoticed once again. Nevermind that he has won his first five playoff decisions. (Orlando Hernandez won his first eight). Forget that he helped Texas top Tampa Bay, in a series that many figured the Rangers did not have a legitimate shot at knocking off the Rays. Lee has to be waking up this morning and saying to himself, “what in the wide-wide-world of sports do I have to do for someone to see how good I have been in the post-season? That is okay Cliff, I have noticed.

3. Safety T.J. Ward is a little lighter in the wallet today. That is because the NFL hit Ward with a $15,000 fine for his illegal hit on Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley. The truth is, that fine is absolutely warranted. It was truly an illegal hit, that was deserving of the flag. But with that said, Ward had no intention of doing physical harm to Shipley, other than making him fearful of going over the middle with Ward lurking. It was a rookie mistake, because of the extension of the Bengals drive deep in Cleveland territory, but also hope this fine does not change Ward’s mindset. I go back to Indians’ pitcher Jaret Wright’s second year in the big leagues, when he was labeled a head-hunter. Wright was scarred and became fearful of pitching inside. Let us hope the same thing does not happen to Ward, who has been defined by his physical play thus far.


Cavs' Christian Eyenga In Summer League


4. Cavs get back after it in preseason game number two Thursday. They will welcome the Washington Wizards and John Wall to the Quicken Loans Arena at 7PM. One thing to keep an eye on will be how coach Byron Scott handles the rotations tonight, as he told us at practice on Monday he will juggle playing time of several players, over the first few games. Expect to see a great deal of Jawad Williams, Leon Powe and Christian Eyenga, and maybe a little less of Joey Graham and Jamario Moon. Scott has admitted he is still getting to know his guys, and the only real way for him to find out what he has is to play them in different situations.

5. And speaking of Eyenga. Scott also told us earlier this week that he does not anticipate sending Eyenga to the D-League, at least not at the outset. I have to agree with coach, as the parts of his game that need the most work is floor spacing and knowing his defensive assignments. Those are two things that probably will not be helped by being sent down. The best teaching tool for Scott will be the intense practices he continues to employ, and there is certainly no use in Eyenga beating up on has-been’s or never-will-be’s at lower levels. Logic says he will probably still see a bit of action in the D-League, however do not expect that to do anything for his development, except keep his offensive game sharp with playing time.

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