Five Quick Things

By: T.J. Zuppe


Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum

1. If I did not know any better, (and some think I do not) it seems pretty easy to make your baseball playoff debut. Whether it is Roy Halladay tossing a no-hitter against the Reds, or Tim Lincecum blowing away the Braves, the year of the pitcher has seemingly continued rolling right into the post-season. On Thursday, the man known as “The Freak” hurled a two-hit gem, striking out 14 Atlanta batters, in route to a 1-0 Giants victory in game one. Even though offense sells tickets and chicks dig the long ball, it sure is fun to watch Halladay and Lincecum ply their craft on the mound. No doubt, a NLCS potential game one match-up between the two would be must-see baseball.

2. Replay in baseball is back as a hot button topic. No one disputes the human-element stinks. We have done our best to overcome it in other sports, and now replay has creeped its way into baseball on home run calls. However, in two games on Thursday, two specific calls have everyone up in arms again, screaming for some sort of expanded replay. Yet, everyone is overlooking the bigger story, at least in the Rangers and Rays game. At no point in that game, did Tampa Bay deserve to win that game. No-call on a check swing aside, the Rays put a big fat zero on the board under the runs column, and last time checked, you cannot win any games scoring zero runs. Bottom line is: do not put yourself in a position where a disputed call means that much. Should replay be expanded in baseball? Probably, yes it should be. But above all else, earn your victories by playing better than your opponent. The Rays did not.

3. Ohio State coach Jim Tressel believes Terrelle Pryor is 100%. That is hard to believe, considering how things unfolded on Saturday against Illinois. The more likely scenario is Tressel watched how pedestrian back-up Joe Bauserman was under center, and is befuddled to think of what would become of his squad without his Heisman hopeful. Who can blame him?


Nebraska Quarterback Taylor Martinez

4. Speaking of the Heisman race, where does Pryor now fit? After watching the way Denard Robinson has played at Michigan (arguably against inferior opponents), and what high level of play Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez is operating at (amongst a cast of others attempting to throw their hat in the ring), the reality is setting in that Pryor is fading to the back burner of Heisman hopefuls. The good news for Buckeye fans is there is still a lot of meaningful football left to be played. That is if Pryor is healthy, of course.

5. It is the beginning of October in Cleveland and there is a quarterback controversy of sorts brewing. Seriously, are you shocked? So now, as we have seen so many times before, a contingent is forming on both sides of the argument, with “Team Seneca” and “Team Jake” squaring off, like a scuffle between Twilight fans. I would give my opinion, but then my head would explode from frustration. Here is my short version: Delhomme is your starting quarterback. If he is healthy, he remains the starter until he proves he should be otherwise. And no, one bad half against Tampa Bay does not give us a clear-cut answer. No matter what side of this argument you are on, just smile knowing neither one is named Derek Anderson, or “Mr. Backwards Pass” Brady Quinn.

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  1. Boy, Derick Anderson sure makes his Cleveland supporters look like the fools everybody else thought they were by having the lowest rating in the NFL for the Cardinals, throwing more interceptions than TD’s especially at the worst times (sound familiar), missing wide open receivers, and forcing the headcoach to start a rookie he doesn’t want to.

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