Hysteria Power Poll

Brought to you by House of Speed

1.Glenville (1) 9-0 (4 1st place votes)
2.St. Ed’s (2) 9-0 (3 1st place votes)
3.Solon (3) 9-0
4.Maple Heights (4) 9-0
5.Lake Catholic (5) 8-1
6.Mentor (6) 6-3
7.Willoughby South (8) 8-1
8.Avon (7) 9-0
9.Aurora (9) 8-1
10.Tallmadge (NR) 9-0

OUT: Amherst

ARV:Kirtland, Twinsburg


1 Comment

  1. Glenville hasn’t played a game in 6 weeks. Wait till the playoffs when they get their asses handed to them. They better hope a game doesn’t come down to a field goal. Has Glenville ever kicked one of those? They are so overated that it makes me sick. Go eagles and show them how football is supposed to be played! Solon should be ranked higher than Glenville.

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