The Glass Half Full Tavern

Great Thursday to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU friend?!  We need to talk…

Now, with this version of the CAVALIERS, Michael Stanley’s words to his GREAT “Go Cavs” tune “hard working town, hard working team” hold more weight than ever!  Games will not come easy for our Cavaliers, and when a few do, we’ll have a heck of a good time.  Last night I saw…
* BYRON SCOTT IN CHARGE!  He is a good, good coach.  Coach “Luke” had to tell us he “was a good coach!”  I can see it with Byron!
* Defense in the paint still had too many openings – for a player to squeeze through driving to the rack or for a pass to find someone to finish BUT as the game went on, the Wine and Gold tightened this up!
* It’s FUN watching the young legs of JJ Hickson run the court and go to the hole!
* WHOA…the team BOXED OUT ON DEFENSE!!!  Remember, in hoops, players need to get between their man and the basket on OFFENSE AND DEFENSE!  Sure, you may “front” a player at times, but you will always have weak side help!
* Need more dimes out of Sessions of he IS the point!  AP had 6 and Boobie had 8…YES…EIGHT…and I know in this offense that “there really is not a one and two, just two guards” but Ramon is capable, MORE THAN CAPABLE, of double digit assists!
* Antwan was either sore physically or mentally!  He just did look like who I thought he was…an offensive threat who can score from any angle!
* ANDY!  Love ya’…10 boards, 3 of 4 PLUS 4 assists (IMPORTANT IN THIS OFFENSE!!!) put Never square up from more than 10′ from the basket!  PLEASE!
* Ryan Hollins added 10 points but HE PLAYED “D”!!  Beat men to “the spot” and moved his feet!

World Serious action last night with an over-under of 4…with MOST playing the UNDER was 11-7 in favor of the Giants!  YUP, Cliff Lee last the first preseason game of his career!

I’ll see you at Nissan of North Olmsted TODAY 3p-7p w/ afternoon R & R!

Be well AND enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos,



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