The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch


Great Wednesday morning to YOU C TOWN! U know I love Ya’ BIG CITY…how are you friend? We NEED to talk…


…In 30 days the BIGGEST sporting event on the field of play, whether it be the hardwood, diamond, gridiron, pitch, ice, track or others is taking place in C TOWN! YES, we are 30 days away from the “guy who left us” coming back! So many of you are calling, texting, emailing, stopping me on the street to tell me what ‘should be done” OR what “you will do.” Bottom line – DO NOTHING! No cat calls, no boos, NO ENERGY to stand up and turn your backs even though he turned his on us. There you go! Do NOT make YOURSELF LOOK BAD or our great city! Think about this, and sadly, some of you will ANSWER “YES” to this! If you do, there is a place called jail for you. OK, we have all been dumped, scorned by a partner at one time. Hopefully, this happens before marriage and a family. With that said, MOST OF US GET OVER IT! If you start stalking, verbally or physically assailing someone, then you truly are OFF! YUP, off and I noted above where you belong! With that said, MOVE ON! We must. Also, I do not need outsiders telling us how we are affected by the guy who left us. I am C TOWN, we are C TOWN and we know! Yes, a 2 time MVP dissed us on National TV but guess what…he is gone and we are over it. SIMPLE as that! Does he suck – HECK YES, but I will not lose a second of sleep or distress about him leaving, even when I see the guy replacing him in the line up score 6 points. It is done, over and PLEASE, do not waste any more energy on him.


Enjoy every sandwich!


Adios Amigos!





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