To Moss, Or Not To Moss

By Chris Fedor

Randy Moss is a knucklehead

Randy Moss is a knucklehead. Randy Moss can be toxic at times and very difficult to deal with. There are a number of reasons why the Browns as well as every other team in the NFL with the exception of Tennessee decided to take a pass when he was available on the waiver wire. I understand all the reasons why those teams did and I understand the baggage he comes with, but the Browns just swung and missed on an opportunity to get a game changer at the wide receiver position. Is he always motivated on every single play? No, he’s not. Does he fit the kind of player Eric Mangini is looking for? No, he doesn’t. Does he fit the scheme that the Browns run here? No, he doesn’t. However, to me the two most important questions that have to be answered when it comes to Randy Moss are these…Does he make the Browns better on Sundays? And does the stuff that he brings on the field outweigh the negatives that you have to deal with off the field? The answer to both of those questions is yes.


While he may be 32-years old, his production is down a bit this season, and he isn’t the same player that he was four years ago, Randy Moss is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. On top of that, Moss is still one of the biggest threats at the position and every time he laces up the cleats and puts on the shoulder pads, he has an impact whether he is catching the ball or not.

If Randy Moss was here, Peyton Hillis would have more room to run and see less eight man fronts and he would be a better football player. Mohamed Massaquoi would be better and he might actually be able to get open because he wouldn’t be covered by the best cornerback on the opposing team. Brian Robiskie would be better, and Colt McCoy or whoever the quarterback is would be better. Randy Moss made Wes Welker better, he made Percy Harvin better and he would do the same thing for the players here in Cleveland.

As a franchise it’s a tough call, especially with a player like Randy Moss. I don’t condone his attitude, I don’t condone the way he conducted himself in press conference, and I don’t condone him screaming at a catering company. Unfortunately when it comes to Moss there is a lot of baggage and for some teams it’s too much to handle. The Browns decided that it was and that’s their choice and I respect that. My problem is that even though Randy Moss doesn’t fit with the program, the Browns just had a chance to get better once again and decided against it.

What’s the biggest risk? He doesn’t run his routes completely and it leads to an interception? He becomes a distraction on a non-playoff team? There is very little risk with signing Randy Moss. If he turns out to be too much, then you just cut ties with him.

The Browns aren’t going to the playoffs this season with or without Randy Moss, but he would give the Browns a better opportunity to win games and isn’t that what it’s about in the NFL? Putting your team in the best position to win? Randy Moss’ unique ability increases that chance for every team in the NFL, including the Browns.


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