Quick Hitters

By Michael Reghi


While getting ready for another huge football weekend, some ‘quick hitters’ for you to ponder!


The internal thinking in the Browns camp is ‘yes’…..the expectation level for success in the nine games remaining in the regular season has been raised following the winning performance in New Orleans. And why shouldn’t it???’ Do you want to keep hanging your hat on being ‘more competitive’, without wins attached to it? The Browns don’t! While they won’t come out and say so, there isn’t a game left on this schedule, that includes New England, the New York Jets, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, with only Miami of that group on the road, they don’t believe they can’t win.


Book this right now….and check back with me at 4pm January 2nd..the Browns WILL win three of the five home games remaining, with at least two of the W’s coming against the New England, New York Jets, Baltimore, Pittsburgh quartet. Remember. this is ‘The Big Boys League’..where just being competitive isn’t good enough, and where coaching staffs become unemployed quickly with too many L’s dotting their performance charts!



Those of you that crave seeing Boise State in the National Championship game better quickly become Utah fans Saturday! Absolutely ZERO chance for an undefeated Boise State to jump an undefeated TCU in the BCS standings come years end! And by the way, same applies to TCU…Horned Frog fans better root for anyone playing the Alabama Crimson Tide, who should they run the table, and win the SEC Championship, WILL be in the National Championship game! So here you go…got it all squared up for you…it’s an undefeated Oregon, and a one loss Alabama, who will take out LSU tomorrow, and bump off Auburn in the Iron Bowl, in your BCS tile game! Then let the howling begin…as you’ll have undefeated TCU and Boise State, doing all the yelling from OUTSIDE the BCS conference boundaries!


Want to send out very best ‘Reghi Bringing it Strong’ wishes to all the area squads in the state high school football playoffs beginning this weekend. Always a tremendous month of November and on into early December, as the battle for state championships begin! Tough not to root for so many of the coaching staffs and programs that I’ve become very close to down through the years! In the interest of fairness though…I keep those relationships private, largely due to my tremendous respect for ALL the high school programs that achieved so greatly in a season all will remember! Make us proud guys!!! The entertainment level is the best!!!!!!!


Saddened me greatly to hear of the passing of Sparky Anderson on Thursday. A tremendously engaging baseball manager…old school as they come. yet as a young major league baseball broadcaster during my pre and post game TV hosting in the early 90’s with the Indians, and on through my play-by-play years, ALWAYS took the time to come on the shows, and regale with his Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers managing stories. A baseball lifer, true Hall of Famer, and wonderful ambassador for the game, George ‘Sparky’ Anderson stood very tall in the view of all around the game. He will be missed greatly.


Enjoy the football weekend beginning tonight, and let’s get together on Browns React Sunday at 4pm! There will be plenty to discuss!!! Oh yeah, is this one of my three Browns home wins in the second half of the season??? Nope…not this one…Tom Brady has too much 4th quarter magic, in a 23-16 New England win.



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