The Best Option

By Chris Fedor

Injuries are a part of football and they happen all the time in the NFL. While I never root for anybody to get injured and it’s a very unfortunate result of a violent game, three injuries that the Browns have suffered this year have changed the season, and they have changed it in a good way.

It started in the offseason at running back. When Hillis was brought over from Denver, he was almost an afterthought. Then after the Browns moved up in the second round and drafted Montario Hardesty out of Tennessee, Hillis slid down the depth chart all the way to the third running back behind Jerome Harrison and Hardesty. Now, thanks to Hardesty’s injury and Hillis’ physical running style, the bruising back should be reserving his hotel in Hawaii for the weekend of January 30th. The Hardesty injury was unfortunate and it’s never good to see a second round pick miss his rookie season due to injury, but I find it hard to believe that if Hardesty doesn’t get hurt in the preseason that we see Hillis as the Browns featured back.

The same thing happened at quarterback.

Jake Delhomme went down in week one with a high ankle sprain and Seneca Wallace followed him to the sidelines as well. I wasn’t rooting for this to happen, I wasn’t happy when it did happen, but it did one important thing…it opened the door for Colt McCoy to establish himself as the Browns starter for the rest of the season. Make no mistake about it. That’s exactly what Colt McCoy has done in his first three starts. I didn’t think Colt McCoy was ready to face the Steelers when he was forced into action. I thought the game would be moving too fast for him as a rookie. I was wrong about that. He showed that he has the confidence to be an NFL starter, he showed that he has the poise, he showed that he has the huddle presence, the toughness, and the moxie to get it done at the highest level. Colt McCoy showed that the game wasn’t too much for him to handle and the lights weren’t too bright. Then to follow that performance up with how he handled things on the road, in a hostile environment, against the defending Super Bowl champs, was also impressive. If people didn’t want to give him credit after the New Orleans win because the win was more about special teams, coaching, and defense, that’s fine. I understand that. But for those people, what do you say now?

Colt McCoy just stood toe to toe with Tom Brady and he didn’t just hold his own with the best quarterback of the last decade, the young kid outplayed him. He needed to make plays in yesterday’s game and he did it. When the chains needed to be moved on third down, Colt moved them to the tune of 5 of 7 passing for 60 yards. The kid is a winner and he has all the ingredients to be a winning quarterback in this league. It’s not time to get carried away with McCoy. It has only been three games, he has a ton left to prove in the NFL, and he isn’t even the best rookie quarterback in the league right now. However, in the first three games, McCoy is 2-1 against the Steelers, the Saints, and the Patriots and he has proven that he is the best option under center for the Browns right now, even when Wallace and Delhomme are both healthy. Injuries opened the door for Colt, but make no mistake about it, Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace didn’t lose their job because of injury in this case. Colt McCoy just went out and took it from them.


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  1. Four Words………….. Tom brady drew bledsoe……… worked for NE it can work for us

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