The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

Great WEDNESDAY morning to YOU C TOWN…you know I LOVE YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?  We need to talk..

The folks with the J-E-T-S are making a Big Deal about RYAN BOWL VIII Sunday as Rex and Rob square off for the 8th time!  FUN STUFF!  Rex leads 4-3 and their travels have taken the Twins from Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Morehead State, Tennessee State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State to the NFL with the Ravens, Raiders and now BROWNS vs. Jets!  Worth noting is that in the NFL, Rex’s teams, Ravens, pinned 28 and 2p on Rob’s Raider’s “D’s” in ’06 and ’08!  Rex was the Defensive Coordinator for those 2 B’more teams!

A couple of things jump out at me with the JETS!

* Depth!

– At WR, Santonio Holmes and Brad Smith are back ups!  YUP, better then what we have although my Buckeye Brother Mr. Holmes needs the proverbial check between the ears!

– On DEFENSE Trevor Pryce and Jason Taylor are backups!

* Run Defense!

– I know, the Pats were tough against the run and we shredded them and please do not say “WELL, TEAMS GET AHEAD OF THE JETS AND THEY JUST KEEP RUNNING BETWEEN THE TACKLES TO PLAY IT SAFE” when this is not the case!

– The JETS give up 87.4 yards a game and even AP (Adrian Peterson) was able to manage only 88 yards!

Gotta hit ya’ with the CAVS win last night too.  We know how great the “Bench Bunch” was but the team did little things again.  Antwan Jamison came into the game and you knew he needed a shot right away so…he found his spot, got the shot and banged it home!  LIKE IT!

Quick reminder that tomorrow the HARD ROCK CAFE has a pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT JUSTIN BIEBER SHOW tomorrow night at the Wolstein Center!  Tomorrow between 3p – 5p drop off food, NON-PERISHABLE, and for every item, you get a raffle ticket!!!  At 5p, the GREAT FOLKS at the HARD ROCK will pull the WINNING raffle ticket, and off to the show YOU WILL GO!  All the food goes to the St. Augustine Hunger Center in Tremont!  With that said, LUNCH WITH MUNCH will also be at the HARD ROCK CAFE TOWER CITY CENTER Monday (11/15) LIVE n -2p and a % of every check will go to the Hunger Center!  I’ll see you there!

Enjoy every sandwich (at the HARD ROCK)!

Adios Amigos!


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