Scott Supplies Sizzle!

By Michael Reghi

Watching the Cavaliers through the first 7 games of this NBA season, at 4 up and 3 down, and sitting atop the NBA central, it is abundantly clear to me that Byron Scott is not only ‘THE FACE’ of the product you see on the floor, he has brought out facets of individuals’ games that hadn’t been on display before.

Cases in point…sending ‘confidence messages’ to Anderson Varejao and JJ Hickson, by actually running some offensive sets through them, designed to make them explore their offensive games.

By making Anthony Parker relevant, he was brought here to bring a boost to a perimeter game that needed shotmakers. He, too, is taking advantage of the opportunities given. Parker will even surprise by putting the ball on the floor and getting off the 12 foot ‘j’. Scott the influence there.

While I felt Daniel Gibson and Ramon Sessions could thrive in Scott’s system, he has expanded their level of performance by finding methods to get Gibson shots, in ways other then just as a ‘stand still’ ‘catch and shoot’ floor spacer. Give Gibson credit, I will, as I’ve been hard on him the past few years. Finding the biggest reason his game stagnated, is because he wasn’t allowed to use all of his skills. Maybe he can be more of a ‘combo’ guard…able to break some defenders down off the dribble, and make plays for others, and handle the basketball while running an offense, then he was allowed while ‘that guy’…the two time MVP, was dominating the basketball, and warping teammates potential.

Sessions need to take a bit better care of the ball, and make stronger decisions at times, yet I like his approach – be aggressive, get to rim, run screen-roll in Scott’s system, and be a competent facilitator. Kid doesn’t scare, and now with Mo Williams starting, joins Antawn Jamison as offensive minded forces coming off the bench

Problem areas? Need much more production from the ‘3’ spot. Love everything that Jamario Moon is, yet he’s not a consistent 12 point-a-night guy, which is what Scott needs from that spot. Might need to tinker with that slot, possibly sliding Parker to that spot from time to time, or seeing more of the aggressive Graham.

Worried, too, about the ability to rebound with a front line that lacks strength at the 4 and 5 spots. Could become an issue, although for a finesse guy, Ryan Hollins has played decently.

How Byron Scott ultimately deals with the performances and happiness levels of Jamison and Mo Williams will ultimately decide this squad’s fate by trading deadline time.

Know this, Byron Scott not only is in complete control, furthermore, he can’t be questioned by a wave of Cavaliers who all can only gaze at, and hope to be, the multi-time NBA champion Byron Scott is.

Listen up fellas! What Byron is laying down will take you a long, long way. If any head coach in this league can maintain respectability for a franchise that has won 127 regular season games the past two seasons without any reward on the back end…it’s Byron Scott, and oh yeah, without the ‘megastar’ that everyone says you can’t win without in the NBA.

Be very glad Byron Scott’s not buying that premise, and oh yes also be pleased that a certain college head coach in East Lansing, Michigan had the foresight to say ‘no’ to the owner who chased him vigorously in June. What might it look like instead? No worries Cavaliers fans…the name on the roster says head coach Byron Scott. Of that you should feel very content!

Remember Cleveland, whatever game you play, make sure you BRING IT STRONG!


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