Starting Or Subbing, Sessions is Ready

By: T.J. Zuppe

When Cavaliers’ guard Mo Williams went down on Wednesday night with a groin strain, it became apparent once again that the team could be without their starting point guard for another extended period of time.

After all, the Cavs missed Williams throughout the preseason and into the season, as they were very cautious to not over extend him and cause further injury.

However, through all the precautions, Williams was down once again following the Nets game and is listed as questionable for Saturday’s game against the Indiana Pacers at Quicken Loans arena.

In fact, coach Byron Scott went as far to say he would be very surprised if Williams was able to give it a go. Fortunately for the Cavaliers, their second option at the point is nearly as good at the first.

Guard Ramon Sessions had in fact subbed for Williams during the early stages of the season and played quite well in the starter’s absence. It was in that time period he grasped a decent hold of the offense and adapted to being a starter, something he said he was very comfortable with.

“It doesn’t matter to me, coming off the bench or starting,” Sessions said. “Just being able to help the team and get a win at the end of the night (is important).”

His ability to do so has been invaluable to this team and could possibly get even more important if Williams is down for an extended period of time.

But another positive for the Cavs are the similarities between Sessions and Williams. However, Session did note some of the difference between his point guard counterpart.

“I’m more of a pick and roll type of a guy. I like to get off and get guys shots,” Sessions said. “I’m trying to get like Mo and (be able to) knock down that outside shot, then I’ll be a complete player.”

Yet, another way he is very similar to Williams has been his ability to really energize the team with his play. On the other hand, when he is not playing well the team overall seems to suffer at times.

“I’m pretty sure if one person is out there playing bad it hurts the team as a whole,” Sessions said.  “I’m just trying to come out and run the team as best as I can. If that means scoring the ball or getting guys shots, whatever I got to do.”

With Williams sidelined, Sessions will need to muster every bit that energy to keep the team from missing a beat. It certainly helps that he feels he is getting a much better grasp of the offense daily.

“Day in and day out (I’m) getting real comfortable,” Sessions added. “Coach wants you to push the ball 24/7. I’m the type of guy that likes to push it when the team misses, but when the ball goes in coach wants you to push it as well. I just have to get that mindset down and be ready to go.”

Sessions was also quick to credit Williams for how easily he has fit in with his new team and been able to fill in so well.

“Mo’s a great player, day in and day out he works hard. Sessions said. “He has that jump shot down. I’m learning a lot from him.

“He keeps my confidence up even when I go out and struggle. It’s a long season. He just told me to keep my head up. I’m still a young player in ways but I’m learning to be a veteran too.”

On the year, Sessions is averaging 11.3 points, three rebounds and 3.5 assists in 24.6 minutes per contest.


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