He Was Supposed To Be The Difference

By Chris Fedor

I was at home this past weekend and I was watching the Ohio State-Penn State game while at the same time keeping my eye on Cam Newton and Auburn.  As  I was watching the game I realized something that I didn’t think about before,  Cam Newton is everything that Terrelle Pryor should be and was expected to be, but isn’t.

When Terrelle Pyror came to Ohio State, he was the number one quarterback in the country and one of the top recruits overall. With good reason.  TP was 6 foot 6, 235 pounds, ran like a gazelle, had a strong arm, and was an athletic freak. The tools that he brought to the position were something that college football really hadn’t seen before.

He was supposed to be the difference between Ohio State winning Big Ten Championships and Ohio State winning a National Championship.

He was supposed to be the player that got the Buckeyes over the “hump.”

He was supposed to be competing with the top players in the country for the Heisman Trophy.

It has been three years since TP2 arrived in Columbus and to this point he is still more hype than substance. Every year, he enters a new season with more and more hype surrounding him and every year he fails to live up to that on the field. While his record as a starting quarterback is very good and he was tremendous in the Rose Bowl against Oregon, once again Terrelle Pryor has come up short this season. The kid has the talent and the ability to be the best player in America, but he’s not. Cam Newton is.

Newton, like Pryor is a dual-threat quarterback that’s built in the same mold just better. He has ripped through every SEC defense placed in front of him, he has shattered records left and right, and nobody means more to the success of their team than Newton does to Auburn. He’s completing 68 percent of his passes, he has thrown for over 2,000 yards, and he has 21 TD’s through the air as well. On top of that, Newton has nearly 1300 yards rushing to go with 17 TD’s on the ground.

Unlike Pryor, Newton belongs in New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation at the end of the year instead of just being on the watch list at the beginning of the year.

And unlike Pryor, Newton has his team in line for a National Championship .

Terrelle Pryor could be just like Cam Newton, but he’s not. Terrelle Pryor could be the best player in America, but he’s not.

I bought into the hype this season. I thought this would be the season where everything came together for Pryor and he started to mature. However, it hasn’t happened to the level that I thought it would.

This past weekend Ohio State fans were chanting overrated at the sight of Boise State Highlights during College Gameday. Buckeye fans were right to be chanting that, but it was directed at the wrong place. Chants of overrated should be directed at the guy who is taking snaps from center in Columbus.



  1. newton’s stats are inflated because his team doesn’t play any defense.

    i agree that newton deserves the heisman (should he remain eligible) but pryor doesn’t look flashy because of where he plays. he’s not in an offense that is designed for a player like him. he’s trying to play the role of craig krenzel but he’s not.

    and let’s not forget that ohio state is not #1 and pryor is not the leading heisman candidate because of ohio state’s poor defense and special teams in wisconsin.

  2. Negative Ned alert. Or maybe we should start calling you Skip Bayless.

  3. How classy, lets belittle college athletes.

  4. While I agree with your assessment of Pryor, I think it wasn’t the best idea to compare him to Newton. While Newton might be breaking records on the field, he’s broken his fair share of rules off the field, casting a negative light on not only himself, but his football team, all while in the thick of the national title hunt. Pryor hasn’t shamed his team and coaching staff that way. I’m not a Pryor fan at all, but I believe Jim Tressel isn’t a great play caller, and his conservative game plans have hindered his QB at times.

  5. It’s how the coaches use him. He could be putting up the same numbers if he were at Auburn. Its like they forgot HOW and WHEN to run a play for Terrell to run.

  6. I agree with Ned that Pryor has been something of a disappointment, but along the lines of what Marc says, I wonder how much of that has to do with the coaching staff. Newton’s offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn looks to me like one of the very best in football. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this guy in the NFL one day.

  7. I think Fedor’s pretty accurate about this. Pryor was hyped this year like he was a sure thing for the Heisman. That abomination of a game vs. Wisconsin is everything you need to know about TP. Very good but not excellent.

    A majority of OSU fans are like Yankee fans. Obnoxious and refuse to believe any of their players are worse than another team’s player.

  8. Pryor is over hyped and its not his QB skills or his Running skills that are the problem. He is very far behind the curve on Maturity and leadership skills. The truth is he would still be in the mention of the hiesman if he in th epost game interview from the Wisconson game stepped up and took the blame for the loss, but quite the opposite happened he blamed others pointed fingers and didnt even own his own mistakes.

    The whole ordeal remended me of Post games from the Boston Seriouse this year with the Cavs. “hey your all spoiled ive had 3 bad games in 7 years.”

    “After they took that opening kickoff back the team never recovered and we couldnt get it going” ( sorry im probably paraphrasing that one)

    those are words of people without maturity and leadership skills

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