No More Doubts, McCoy Is The Future

By: T.J. Zuppe

So you need to see more from Browns quarterback Colt McCoy? More, you say?

What more could you possibly need to see?

In the last month of real-time action, the rookie signal caller has stared into the face of adversity, shook it off and never wavered. In fact, he did more than that.

He figuratively spit in the face of every naysayer who tried to tell him “you cannot do this”. A lot of those pundits have changed their tune recently.

Browns Quarterback Colt McCoy

McCoy battled the best the National Football League had to offer. He took on Superbowl winning quarterbacks such as the Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger, the Saints’ Drew Brees and the Patriots’ Tom Brady.

He may not be their equal but for two of three afternoons, he was damn near close.

Then against the Jets on Sunday, McCoy furthered his development by leading his team back with a two-minute drive that sent the game into overtime, a milestone that many felt the young quarterback would have to reach before winning them over.

Nevermind the fact that the Jets were the preseason pick of many as a Superbowl favorite.

He could care less about defensive backs Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. He attacked them both in that final drive of regulation on his way to hooking up with receiver Mohamed Massaquoi in the end zone.

And after the Browns went on to fall to the Jets in that extra period, McCoy stood tall at the podium and in the locker room, explaining it was on his shoulders. He made it clear to the media that he wanted the blame sent his way.

He discussed how he wanted to work harder and despite the positives everyone was tossing his way, he could care less because of the end result on the scoreboard being unsatisfactory.

And yet, you still think we need to see more to know if this kid is the quarterback of the future?

You have got to be out of your mind.

For all the turnover at the quarterback position since 1999, a list that includes Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Jeff Garcia, Trent Dilfer, Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, it is in fact McCoy who is standing out with something none of those guys seemed to possess.

He has got it.

Stats are not needed for that distinction to be made. In the great words of Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris, “Stats are for losers.”

McCoy is no loser. His 2-2 record as the starter proves that.

But more so than that, by just watching every snap he takes, we see just how special he is.

McCoy commands the huddle with his presence and every man on that offense seems to be playing for him. He is displaying confidence in his abilities in areas where others had doubt.

He has that 53-man roster believing.

The word “poise” has now replaced things like “not enough arm strength” in his bio. Leadership and swagger are not far behind on the list.

His accuracy has been nothing short of spot-on and even more impressively, his timing has been uncanny for a rookie. His IQ has been nothing short of shockingly good and most importantly outside of his accurate passes, he has shown patience in the pass-game that past Cleveland quarterbacks could only dream of.

There is something to be said for a first-year starter who can hang in the pocket, make tough decisions and wait for his receivers to come open against defenses that are flying around him, hoping to fluster the youngster.

All you have to do is watch him play.

That is all not too shabby for a 6-foot-1 quarterback who never had a chance of succeeding at the next level.

We should not be surprised. From moment one at Texas, where he was thrust into starting as a freshman at one of the biggest schools in the nation, he has never blinked in the face of pressure, on his way to becoming the winningest quarterback in major college football.

He just keeps proving himself over and over again.

So keep your emotions in check and temper your expectations if you must. He is not being put in Canton, yet and by all rights, he probably never will be.

He is by no means a finished product and still has enormous room for growth. And of course, it will be up to him to reach for that potential.

But if he needs to display anything more to you for you to decide if he is the quarterback of the future, you must be crazy. Keep making him jump through hoops in your mind.

Meanwhile, the city of Cleveland will put a big smile on its face, embracing him as their starter for years to come.


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