One Question and Social Commentary

By Greg Brinda

So, not to be the party pooper, just when will wins and losses count for the Browns? I know this team is playing better than last year or maybe since the playoff run early in the 21st Century.

Eric Mangini has his troops buying in.

Colt McCoy looks like the real deal.

The fans were more excited over Sunday’s overtime loss to the Jets than any of the wins last year. Just so the record is straight, the Browns are 3-6. But I guess it’s the best 3-6 in the history of football. Maybe next year wins and losses will mean more.

What do you think?

Now for the real world. For those of you complaining about the new air safety rules. You know, the ones that have you body scanned or patted down before you get on an airplane, I have a suggestion. DON’T FLY!

We in this country have short memories.

You do remember 9/11 or the guy that almost took out an airliner in Detroit last Christmas. I prefer to be safe rather than dead. And if a little intrusion bothers you, so be it…Just take a train, car, walk, bus or skateboard to your next destination.

I know a lot of you don’t want anybody to see your junk. That’s OK. But I would prefer my junk to be in one piece rather than scattered over the ends of the earth.

I know that’s just me.



  1. Greg, you’re my favorite by far on this channel… but you will go to your grave not understanding why the city does not care about your Indians and gets behind the Browns at every corner regardless of record. The Tribe caught lightning in a bottle at the perfect time with no Browns in town, but it has passed and so too has the Tribe’s chances.

    Will you ask about Acta’s wining percentage half way thorugh next year if he is not on pace to be .500 or better? I doubt it

    Mangini and Browns are turing around…. and by next year playoffs will be reailty

    • good to see things looking up in year 12

  2. i am curious of one thing since you have covered C town sports for years…. Do you think we have our QB, and Coach in place or do you see Holmgren coming down himself and chaging things next year. I am a long time season ticket holder who loves what Mangini is building on field, but I fear Holmgren looks at Colt as a shiny new toy and might not be able to help himself wanting to play with it….

    I can’t see Holmgren playing this same physical style….

  3. Wins Do Mean ALOT to this Fan Greg. but you have to walk before you run as the saying goes.

    We are in the games we lose and are a play or an oppenents mistake from winning them for the first time in forever. yes it took 12 years to get things going the right way, but we have also had 4(or 5) regimes come in here and never had stability to let things build for a year or 2. then look at the final product.

    Mangini and Heckertt have built the Core of a Team that is learning to win. We may need a playmaker or 2 still but at least now when we get them they will be a team that wins and wins consitently

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