The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

Great THURSDAY morning to YOU C TOWN…you know I LOVE YA BIG are you friend?  We need to talk…

…if anyone knows WHO THE GUY was that tackled the 8 year wearing JETS gear, shoot me an email.  Simply put, he is NOT one of US, he is NOT a BROWNS fan! Odds are a stillers fan in Browns gear to make us look bad!

OK, gotta talk about a BUCKEYE BRO…GREG ODEN!  Why is it that I keep seeing the name “SAM BOWIE” when I think of Greg?

We think we have probs HERE IN C Town with drafts?  Check this out…

* In 1984 the first choice in the draft was THE DREAM, Hakeem Olajuwon, by the Houston Rockets!  (GREAT CHOICE out of the U of Houston)

* The 2nd choice was SAM BOWIE who was hurt, hurt and hurt more for the Portland Trailblazers!  I know, you can’t teach big BUT before I tell you about #3 – most of you KNOW who he is – I want you to know that the team who CHOOSE the #3 player was thinking about trading that pick for a CENTER, either JACK SIKMA or TREE ROLLINS!

* Yup, #3 was MICHAEL JORDAN!  ‘nuf said!

If you are Portland, perhaps you just take smaller players and trade for BIGS!  Think about this…in ’74 the Blazers chose BILL WALTON out of UCLA and I know big Bill got the Blazers a championship in ’77, but he too was oft-injured!  Maybe it’s that Portland air or…NAH, not the chronic from Eugene!!!!  Bill had a lot of help from MAURICE LUCAS (YUP, LUKE Walton is named after Luke!), Lionel Hollins, Bobby Gross and the firebrand Dave Twardzik!  In fact, due to TWARDZIK’s hustle (think of Andy as a guard) those following the NBA actually came up with a stat…not official, but it was called T.O.F. – Twardzik On Floor!  Media types would add up how many times he hit the deck for a loose ball, made a steal, dropped a brilliant dime and give a # to the T.O.F stat, one for every time one of the above happened!  FUN TIMES!

Enjoy every sandwich!


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