Glass Half Full Tavern: Buckeyes Edition

By: Munch

O-H…O-H..let me hear YA’ C TOWN!  I – O!!!  Great Saturday evening to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY?  How are you friend?  BETTER THAN GOOD I HOPE…GREAT in FACT!

Ohio State Quarterback Terrelle Pryor

Buckeyes win 20 – 17 and here’s is a BOTTOM LINE…after Posey drops a PERFECT pass for the go ahead TD, TP2 runs 14 yards on 4th and 10 for the 1st down, then 2 plays later hits Dane Sanzenbacher for a 23 yard gain to get it to the IOWA 2 – Herron goes in, BUCKS WIN, BUCKS Win, BUCKS WIN!

Now, I would FIB to you IF I told you I was happy with TP2’s over all performance, but just maybe he defined himself with that game winning drive…what we see is what we get…he is what he is!  INCONSISTENT, IMMATURE in spite of steps to move forward at TIMES but when all was said and done, VERY FEW put together that last drive with their LEGS and ARM!

Get ready friend…it’s now officially meatchicken/wolverweenies/wishagain/maize and blow week!  GO BUCKS!!!!

A few more thoughts on the game?

* Where the heck was this great game plan Tress hatched up and TP2 loved?  So many were worried that TP2 tipped his hand with the game plan…the way it looked to me was THERE WAS NO GAME PLAN!!!

* Tress said “let’s take the crowd out of the game!”  HOW JIM, by putting them to sleep??!!

* Why a slow start – AGAIN – by OSU?

* Where’s Brandon Saine?

* Corey “Philly” Brown DESERVED…you are reading this correctly – DESERVED to be clotheslined by the Iowa DB after he dropped a pass in his hands!  CATCH THE FREAKIN’ BALL!

* Speaking of that, check out the above BUT MR. POSEY – catch the freakin’ ball~

* Why so mnay penalties early on OSU?  lack of discipline?  If so, that is on coaching!

* Pryor seemed to PSUH THE BALL more than THROW it?  Do they have a Daewoo or Yugo mechanic with their QM coach working on a Bentley?

See ya’ SUNDAY at Johnny Malloy’s Medina starting at 10a powered by BUD LIGHT and please, spread the word… bring food and $$ to St. Augustine Hunger Center WEDNESDAY (11/24) starting at 6a.


Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!


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