I Thought The Election Was Over

By Greg Brinda

Hillis up the middle.

Didn’t we just have an election in early November? So what the heck is the Tea Party doing in Jacksonville?

Conservatism reached new levels when it came to the Browns play calling. For a moment I thought we just jumped into a hot tub time machine and went back to 2009.

Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll must have watched old film of Metcalf up the middle and liked it. Poor Peyton Hillis, the Jags did everything to stop him and the Browns for some odd reason had no counter plays. Now the offensive line had something to do with that. The line play was BAD and that might be an understatement.

Now the Browns still lack talent but creativity was nowhere to be found on Sunday.

So all the good will built up the past month and all the fine play against REALLY good teams has gone right down the toilet and 3 and 7 is just what it is 3 and 7.

And somewhere Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley and Sarah Palin are smiling today.


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