A Tale of Two Teams

By Dave DeNatale

I’m perplexed.  Stupefied.  I’m trying to figure out who these 2010 Browns are, and after ten games…especially Sunday’s loss to Jacksonville, I really don’t know.  Do you?

It’s like I’m walking through a museum, and a tour guide is walking me around saying, “Here is Exhibit A:  The Browns who fail to put away games, seem to lose their creative juice on offense, play tight and conservative, have a leaky offensive line, and commit some rather dimwitted penalties.  See our examples of these dusty artifacts in losses to Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Jacksonville.”

Or then, we go to the other corridor and the guide says, “Now this is Exhibit B:  These Browns display a ferocious, killer instinct and go for the jugular.  They often will use unorthodox plays to beat their opponents and play free and easy.  You’ll find glowing examples of this species in wins over Cincinnati, New Orleans, New England, and even in a loss to the Jets.”

Maybe that’s oversimplified, but really that’s what this year has been.  Sunday in Jacksonville, suddenly Exhibit A made its return.  The Browns were conservative on offense, running Peyton Hillis seemingly on every first and second down in the second half.  The O-line was dreadful all the way around.  And doesn’t it seem like Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll has lost his mojo ever since Josh Cribbs went down in the first half against the Jets?

Yes, there’s blame for Sunday’s loss to go around to just about everyone.  The wide receivers need to get open.  The defense needs to tackle Maurice Jones-Drew before he busts out a 75 yard catch-and-run.  The offensive line has got to protect the quarterback better.  (Can you believe we may see three Browns QBs sidelined with ankle injuries?)  And so on.

I really hope Head Coach Eric Mangini can go back and find that team that played so fearlessly during the games with the Saints, Patriots, Jets, etc. and also have his coaching staff rediscover their game planning savvy as well.  Because there are only six games left, and if the Browns prove to be more Exhibit A than Exhibit B, then Mangini’s coaching tenure may be, well……



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