Buckeyes OK, Browns Not So Much

By Kenny Roda

Not a great football weekend in northeast Ohio. The Buckeyes played like crap and won, while the Browns blew another game late in the 4th quarter and had another QB suffer an ankle injury. Not good when the number of quarterback ankle injuries is equal to the number of total wins!

I guess I should be thrilled that Ohio State went into Iowa City, pink bathrooms and all, and came away with a 20-17 win, but I’m not thrilled. I’m happy that they survived, but perplexed with another slow start, too many penalties and dropped passes. That’s why this team is not going to play for a National Championship this season, and that’s very disappointing. A win over Michigan for the 7th straight time on Saturday will make me feel a little better, but a Sugar Bowl or an Orange Bowl birth wasn’t the goal at the beginning of the season.

Colt McCoy runs for his life

As far as the Browns go, players win games. Let me rephrase that, big time players win games, especially close games. Unfortunately the Browns don’t have any big time players. Yes they have hard working, smart players, but no true superstars and that has to change if they want to really be considered as a playoff team. Think about the last 2 losses to the Jets and Jags. What do they have in common? Close games in OT and in the 4th quarter and the opposing team’s superstar beat the Browns. Santonio Holmes on a 4 yard slant pass that he turned into a game winning 37 yard touchdown in overtime for New York, and Maurice Jones Drew takes a simple screen pass and turns it into an 75 yard gain to set up his own 1 yard TD in the 4th quarter. Let me rephrase it again, Super Star players win games and right now the reason the Browns are 3 and 7 and losing close games late is because, they don’t have a SUPER STAR! Get to work Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren.


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