As the Association Turns…

By Will Burge


While Tony Parker blew his marriage to Eva Longoria over “sexting” with Brent Barry’s wife, it has not bothered his game this season. Parker is absolutely balling!

The Spurs are 12-1 and have won 11 in a row behind Parker’s 20 points, 8 assists, and 2 steals per game. If these stats hold up, it would be his second highest scoring average as well as career highs in assist and steals.

In fact, Parker is taking out his frustrations about problems at home on his opponents. He has scored 24 points in 4 of his last 6 games.

As for Eva, if you want to get back at Tony, holla at me!


While LeBron is crying about “not having fun” in Miami, a group of fans are hoping that he won’t have sun in Cali.

The NBA all-star game is being held at the Staples Center in February of next year and a group of NBA fans (presumably Cavs fans) are urging you to just say no!

KEEPLEBRONOUT.COM offers alternative forwards to vote for such as JJ Hickson (cringe), Amar’e Stoudemire, and Kevin Garnett. They also have a funny logo of LeBron crying, their twitter feed (@KeepLebronOut), a countdown to the deadline to vote, and a link to the NBA all-star ballot.

Let’s just hope they don’t “take their bandwidth to”  and go lower price chasing.


The Cavaliers are currently 2nd in the NBA in the in home attendance. They claim all six of their home games have been sell-outs which gives them an average of 20,562/per game.

The Heat are currently ranked 5th in the NBA in home attendance. They claim all nine of their home games have been sell-outs which gives them an average of 19,605/ per game.

These stats beg the question: How the hell are these teams claiming sell-outs? I have covered just about every home game for the Cavs and have watched just about every Heat home game and those places are EMPTY!

The fans are definitely supporting the team in Cleveland and certainly doesn’t need a “fan up” campaign like they do in Miami. Before Cavs fans go throwing stones toward southern Florida, please look up to the “not so loudville” (as a twitter follower so eloquently called it) and realize that the only place you will see more “empties” in Cleveland is at the muni-lot around 5pm on Sundays.


With the Heat struggling so mightily, many Miami “fans” are looking anywhere they can to find answers to their woes.

Who better to answer the lingering questions about their so-called super team than….wait for it… Dennis Rodman.

The Worm called into the Jorge Sedano show on 790 the Ticket in Miami this morning. Sounds like a pretty interesting interview right? You don’t know the half of it!

Thanks to our own Chris Fedor and for this post:

Honestly, I can’t really describe what is going on during the interview except to say that he was having a hell of a lot more fun than me this morning. Click the link and listen to a minute or two of the interview and you will get the idea.

Side note: I once partied at Rodman’s house on Pacific Beach in California, and let’s just say that this does not surprise me in the slightest bit.


–        Former Cavalier Danny Green was picked up by the San Antonio Spurs, where former GM Danny Ferry now works, on November 17th after being released by the Cavs. Great story right? Wrong. Danny Green was released by the Spurs on November 23rd.

Shannon Brown

–        This just in…former Cavalier outcast Shannon Brown is pretty good at basketball. He is averaging 12 ppg for a championship contender, shooting 51% from 3-point land, and has one of those things that no one else in Cleveland does: a ring.

Check out JA Adande’s daily dime about the former Cavalier:


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