Lebron Just Keeps Outdoing Himself

By: T.J. Zuppe

Heat forward Lebron James spent Thursday night in a very familiar position – with his foot in his mouth.

James joined Matt Lauer of NBC for an interview which aired on Thanksgiving night, in primetime. Lauer had named James one of his “People of the Year.”

During the one-on-one praise fest of James, Lauer asked the former Cavalier about his now infamous “Decision” show, which aired on ESPN. The one hour program was a tribute to stimulating James’ ever-growing ego, during which he made the famous announcement about taking his talents to South Beach, to join the Miami Heat.

Miami Heat's Lebron James

James was quick to deflect the criticism off of himself, shining light on the three million dollars the show raised for the Boys and Girls Club of America, noting he was willing to shoulder the blame and bear the cross for a much greater cause.

How noble of you, Lebron.

Yet, as we reflect back on that evening, we struggle to find much of anything during that hour of mindless chatter, that resembled an actual mention about the charity it was supporting.

Instead, the blank faces of children bored to death by the Lebron James production seem to come to mind.

Truth be told, taking 30 seconds to bring anything to light besides the King himself and the throne he sat upon was just not happening.

Yet, James is willing to play the martyr role again, trying to take the high road, when most can see through the charade. Yes, raising millions of dollars for a good cause was outstanding. But if anyone thinks it was for any other reason than being able to give James a way out now is simply fooling themselves.

James also proclaimed that the amount of money they raised could not have been accomplished without the program being aired. However, if it was just about raising money and not about self-stimulation on national television, could he not have just cut a check?

Maybe we are just missing something.

He did mention an area he did possess remorse. When asked if he could do it over again, regarding informing the Cleveland Cavaliers of his final decision before announcing it, James did quickly speak of handling it different, if given another opportunity.

However, he did it in a way that removed himself from the situation and truly took no ownership of the way he handled it.

But then again, we should not be surprised. Owning mistakes has not been in the mantra of “The Chosen One” as of late.

At what point will someone give him the best advice he could receive? That is simply to just shut up.

Everytime he has opened his mouth since joining the Heat, the comments seem to get upstaged in stupidity. That is one area that is truly surprising, considering how well-spoken and media-savvy he was upon entering the league at 18-years old.

Now it has become more about ignoring his head coach, Erik Spoelstra, defending his actions by distraction or discussing his greatness.

Rest assured Cleveland, he is now paying for it in Miami, at least in his own eyes. After all, he is just playing way too many minutes for his liking.

If this keeps up, when will they have time to do what is most important and just chill?

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