By Greg Brinda

Sometimes it's better to be lucky...

The Browns got REEEEAAAALLLLLL lucky Sunday (I’ll take it but……..)

Jake Delhomme is a turn over machine

The Browns defense might be the worst tackling defense in the NFL

The Browns right now are regressing (not good for Eric Mangini)

The Cavs are winning enough games to stay relevant (barely)

Ohio State has no real quality wins this year. Miami of Florida stinks. Wisconsin beat the Buckeyes and Ohio’s team didn’t play Michigan State

TRYING is the most over used word in the English language. The grade for effort was always at the bottom of the report card. RESULTS count!



  1. Nothing we can do until McCoy gets healthy… Delhomme is dragging us down big time…. Wallace is not any better… he too has a pick 6 this year and it cost us a game

    • Jake won the game and got the WRs involved. Shaky on the picks he threw, no doubt, but plenty of throws and good plays. What is dragging the team down is many things, not just one. Too many to list. Cribbs being hurt is the big one. Finally the WRs were involved…I credit that to Jake. Every QB throws an INT sometimes and yes , they even throw pick a pick 6 as well, even the hall of famers. That is not the only criteria to judge a QB. Give him a break. It was his first game back since Sept. With such a limited offense, the QB can only do so much…and this includes McCoy.

  2. Greg… Jon Clayton mentioned to you that the #1 key to success is “stability” when talking about Pittsburgh. With that said do you agree Mangini deserves next year to at the very least have a franchise QB in McCoy to go into the year with vs. Quinn and Delhomme. If Holmgren blows this up after only 1 year then that tells me he was never really on board to build with Mangini and kept him as a stop gap and wasted all of our time…

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