By Kenny Roda

Jake Delhomme needs to be Crash Davis for McCoy

Crash Davis helped Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh become a major league pitcher by imparting his great baseball knowledge to the young pitcher in Bull Durham.

Jake Delhomme needs to be Crash Davis for Colt McCoy.

I’ve seen enough in 3 games of Jake Delhomme and 5 games of Colt McCoy to know that McCoy deserves to be the Browns starting quarterback.

Delhomme tried to lose the game yesterday in the 2nd half after trying to win it in the 1st half.  He is a turnover waiting to happen!  In his last 15 games that he has played in, going back to the playoff game during the 2008 season, Jake has thrown 10 TD passes and 29 interceptions.

I couldn’t find how many times he fumbled in those games but I know it was a lot.

Delhomme has had a nice career, and has a lot of knowledge that he has been, and can continue to share with McCoy. But he should be the 3rd QB on this football team behind McCoy and Seneca Wallace.

It not only gives the Browns the best chance to win now, it also helps build for the future, with McCoy gaining valuable experience at the toughest position in sports to play!


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