The Buckeyes Will Be in a BCS Bowl This Year, but Do They Deserve It?

By Chris Fedor

Kellen Moore

When the BCS Standings come out sometime next week and teams start making reservations for January, it’s almost a certainty that Ohio State will be heading to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. My question is why? Do they actually deserve a spot in a BCS Bowl? No they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that they’ll be in a BCS Bowl. But they’ll be there more because of their name, because of their reputation, because their conference is perceived to be stronger, because they will generate a lot of money, and because they travel well. Not because they actually deserve it based on their play this season. None of the reasons that I just mentioned make them any more deserving than Boise State or even Michigan State, who both also have just one loss this year.

Ohio State has zero wins against teams currently in the Top 25 and their toughest out of conference game was against a Miami team that finished the season 7-5 and fired their head coach. Oh and don’t forget the landmines that they had to avoid like Indiana, Eastern Michigan, Marshall, Minnesota, and even Purdue, who combined to go 19-41 this year and that’s nearly half of OSU’s schedule. The only team that Ohio State beat this season that finished the year with at least eight wins was Ohio University. Need more? There is no quality win on their resume and their toughest game of the season was against Wisconsin in which they lost. Therefore, the two most impressive things that you can say about Ohio State this year is that they finished in a three-way tie for a Big Ten Championship and they have a more quality loss on their resume than Boise State or Michigan State. A more quality loss? That’s the second most impressive thing on their resume? How about a quality win? Oh that’s right they don’t have one. Iowa? Penn State? Miami? Illinois? Michigan? You put any of those teams in the WAC this season and all of them finish third behind Boise State and Nevada.

I know that Boise State didn’t have a brutally tough schedule and they play in the WAC. I can’t argue that. The WAC as a whole isn’t the SEC, but the Big Ten sure isn’t the SEC either. I’ve heard people tell me that the worst teams in the Big Ten are better than the worst teams in the WAC. Really? That’s the argument that you will use in favor of Ohio State? Indiana is better than San Jose State. Purdue is better than New Mexico State. Yes it is true that Boise State’s schedule was just a little bit easier than Ohio State’s. The last figure I saw was Boise State’s strength of schedule was 56th in the country, Ohio State’s was 51st. That’s not a huge disparity. Boise State’s only loss was on the road to a top 20 team in the country and it took two missed field goals for that to happen. It’s not like they lost to San Jose State. Nevada is currently 17th in the country and they are a good football team. So while Ohio State has zero wins against teams currently in the Top 25, the Broncos actually have one and they’re not more deserving because they play in a bad conference? Because the worst teams in the Big Ten that Ohio State played against are better than the worst teams in the WAC?

Last time I checked, Boise State actually has a signature win on their resume. Ohio State doesn’t. The Broncos went into Virginia Tech’s backyard and beat the Hokies. You can say what you want about the Hokies because they lost to James Madison, but more than likely they will be ACC Champs, they are number 15 in the country right now, and a win against Va. Tech is more impressive than anything OSU has done this season. I know what you’re thinking. “It’s not Ohio State’s fault that Miami struggled down the stretch and lost games. How was Ohio State supposed to know that?” Well in that case it wasn’t Boise State’s fault that Oregon State suffered a key injury that derailed their season either right?

I’m not a Boise State fan. So when it comes to Boise State I have no rooting interest, but they’re more deserving at a shot in a BCS game than Ohio State is. Maybe Boise State had their shot already and lost it when their kicker missed a chip-shot field goal on the road against Nevada. Maybe Boise State lost their chance because they lost later in the season. And maybe Boise State had a smaller window of opportunity than Ohio State. Maybe that’s true, but the Broncos and the Buckeyes are very comparable. Their strength of schedule is similar and they both have a key loss which is keeping them out of the National Championship equation.  Let’s not kid ourselves Ohio State fans; the Buckeyes had it pretty easy this year.

Boise State can play with any team in the country and despite playing in the WAC and losing to Nevada last week, their resume is more impressive than the Ohio State’s. The difference is simple. Boise State doesn’t have the same reputation, they don’t generate as much money, and in front of the word “State” it reads a city in Idaho as opposed to Ohio.



  1. Fedor–

    You have absolutely no credibility.

    2 things become more and more apparent every time you open your mouth.

    1. You’re a bandwagon/flavor of the month guy.

    2. You are above all else a contrarian.

    As far as being a bandwagon guy goes, it’s very easy to be a fan of Tiger and Kobe. Any shmuck can jump aboard with a 14 time major winner and a 5 time NBA Champion. And with being a flavor of the month guy–this month it’s Boise State, Jersey Shore and Taylor Swift you’re into…what’s it gonna be next month (or next season)?

    And you are the classic contrarian…anything that anybody says, you want to debate them no matter what, just to try to show that you’re the smartest guy in the room.

    Let’s cut the crap…Who in the blue hell are you to come off like such a know it all?

    You’re a punk kid in his mid 20’s just out of college and you act like you know everything.

    And your all purpose response to anybody who throws your crap in your face is “Look in the mirror and say I’m stupid!”.

    So let me get this straight…if anybody disagrees with you, they’re automatically stupid..OK.

    Let’s really be honest…the only reason you are on Rizzo’s show is because 2 quality talents (Jeff Thomas and Daryl Ruiter) were let go and you are willing to work cheap and long hours (Keith Williams’ 2 favorite traits)because you have no life outside of the station.

    Get over yourself Ned.

    If you had your own show, your ratings would be in the negative numbers (right up your alley).

    You are riding Rizzo’s coat tails, that’s the only reason why anybody knows who the hell you are to start with.

    Wake up!

  2. Ohio State would be in the BCS whether Boise State won that game or not.

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