No One Can Tell Cleveland How To React

By: T.J. Zuppe

“Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.” That of course is Latin for the phrase, “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

Clearly, what awaits on Thursday night in Cleveland is nowhere close to war, nor should it be viewed in that light. But for Heat forward Lebron James, this may be as close as he gets.

Thursday marks the return of the one-time Cleveland chosen son, now viewed traitor, as he brings his new team to the Quicken Loans Arena, to square off with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It will be his first appearance at the Q since his infamous decision, that left him taking his talents to South Beach and the Cavaliers scrambling to recover from the blow to the gut James delivered.

Cleveland has been preparing for this moment since the schedule was released.

Now, the national media has started to shine light on the “king’s” return home, just simply waiting to pounce on the city, pointing down from the pedestal they have created for themselves. They will look down their nose at each and every one of you, as if to say, “how dare you feel slighted over a man who gave you his all and had every right to leave.”

Fans Are Free To Feel Whatever They Want Towards Lebron

Yes, it is true that he was well within his rights as a free agent. Maybe he did not owe the city his allegiance and Cleveland should forgive his negligence of perceived loyalty.

But the fact is, they have absolutely no right to tell you how to feel or deal with your feelings over the departed Akron native.

Nothing is more aggravating than a person telling you to “get over it.” What planet are these people from?

Everyone mends at their own pace and not a single soul should tell you how to cope with disappointment. Be it in relationships, careers or something as simple as sports, we all mend at our own pace. Anyone that would tell you anything different is completely arrogant and out of touch with reality.

We do not live in fantasy land. It is time to come to terms with that. It is clear, some ignorant individuals never will.

Do what you want to do, as long as you stay within your rights as a fan. Boo, cheer, be silent or go crazy, it is completely up to you.

Whatever makes you feel better and voices your thoughts to the “king”, you should go for it. Do not feel guilty for it. Do not let anyone tell you differently. Let your passion flow out, after all, that is what fuels the popularity that professional sports are founded upon.

Just stay classy and respect the process. Do not give anyone a reason to put Cleveland in a negative light, because it is clear some are just waiting for that moment to take place. If you are able to accomplish that, you have won this war.

Let karma take care of everything else.

After all, if James had every right to leave, Cleveland has every right to feel disrespected. It is time to let him know how dismayed you are.

The only sad part is, he probably does not care.

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  1. All cleveland fans should where Delonte West jerseys and bring Delonte West bobbleheads to the game and the team should do a tribute to Delonte West before the game…..

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