The Time Is Now To Support Your Vikings

By: Emmett Golden

It’s 5:57pm Monday night at the Wolstein Center. Cleveland State and Robert Morris are set to play in what turned out to be a great game.  As I sit court side with the rest of the media, I look up in the crowd and all I can see is GREEN!

The Wolstein Center Awaits Your Support For the Vikings

Not green shirts, not green sweaters, not green face paint, but empty green seats! One would think that CSU was playing around .500 basketball, not undefeated through seven games and beginning to get noticed on a national level.

It makes me think about all the losing seasons the Browns, Cavs, and Indians have had and in the worst case they still draw a couple of thousand people, the Browns even still sellout games. So why would a good team that plays in the mirror image of the city it represents, only have 250 people in the stands?

Working at ‘KNR I hear the people of Cleveland complain about how this town deserves a winner and it does, but don’t limit your attention to only the pro sports teams.  You have a group of hard-working young men and a coach in Gary Waters that is one of the classiest guys in college sports.

Support them because they deserve your support.

If the Vikings can put a magical run together and not only get a bid to the NCAA tournament but a decent seed, I can hear the radio waves now… “This team really has a chance!”, “I’ve been a CSU fan for a long time”, “I think coach Waters should be named Coach Of The Year!” knowing they did not start caring until the end of the year when it’s easy to support a winner.

I do not know how this season will play out, but I know a group of young men who play hard, respects their coach, and has yet to get the respect they deserve, will do just as the people of this city would if placed in the same situation. That makes you respect them!

They have gained my respect, hopefully the people of Cleveland will show up and show this team that, there are no “Mid-Majors” in Cleveland! Just a small school with “Major” Game!



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  1. CAn you post postgame audio in the audio vault? Love hearing Coach Waters speak.

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