Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

Great THURSDAY Morning to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY (more than ever)!  how are YOU FRIEND?  We need to talk…

Welcome back home “Z” has a great ring to it!  Living is “his” former city, I get a tad sad driving by his now vacant, For Sale home, and wistfully remember the sign at the Avon Lake City Hall noting “GOOD LUCK Z and CAVS” during playoff runs!  Funny story – my wife was checking out the home on a Realtors website and I asked if the doorways were made higher so the big man would NOT bang his head!  She said she could not tell but in a shot of the Master bath, one sink is MUCH higher than the other!!

Miami Heat's Lebron James

With all this said about “Z,” let’s get real…this IS about the guy who left!  The man we idolized and gave every break we could to left us!  Yeah, we know he had every right to do it but again, IT WAS DONE WRONG!  Akron helped raise him, C TOWN supported him in every way possible, from River to the “Estates: across from EasTech High School!  PLEASE, stand firm in your beliefs and DO NOT ALLOW anyone to tell you how to feel, to get it over it, to move on!  YOU have every right to feel as YOU DESIRE!  End of discussion.

Now, you do NOT have every right to be the VILLAGE IDIOT at the “Q” tonight.  If you do, our “village” will lose it’s idiot – SIMPLE!!!!  have class, do not be an ass.  SIMPLE!!!!!  How ’bout “Silence of the Fans tonight” and NO, I will not be with Jodi Foster, but Mrs. Munch which is MUCH BETTER!

Keep me lovin’ ya C TOWN…be cool tonight!

We’ll see you at the HARD ROCK starting at 9a until…1am!  I’ll join ya’ from Noon – 1p THEN watch for the MUNCH MOBILE UNIT 5P-8P IN THE GATEWAY AREA!

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!


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