LeBron Crowned Cleveland’s Homecoming King

LeBron Got the Last Laugh in Cleveland

By: Kenny Roda

Cavalier players should be embarrassed by their performance last night in the 118-90 loss to LeBron and the Heat!  It’s pretty sad when the fans want it more than the players and that’s exactly what happened last night.

No Hard Fouls? An open lane to the basket? WIMPS!

“NO SHOW MO”, nice effort Mo Williams in another big game. You were no where to be found, but we shouldn’t be surprised!

Goofing and talking with him during the game as if he was still their teammate.

Andy taking his headband from him?  Here’s a thought Andy, how about taking a rebound away from him!

Standing around & watching him on offense again, only problem there was, they were supposed to be playing defense against him!

Joey Graham had a chance to earn some respect with this team, in this town, in this league, but instead he showed why he should be in the NBDL, not manning up to LBJ!

Byron Scott should be called out today to, as he said in his post game interview, he was not embarrassed by their performance, just disappointed.  What the hell game were you watching Byron?

Score one for LeBron after his 38 point performance, where he single handedly outscored the Cavs starters 38 to 28.

OK now that that’s over, it’s time to move on.  LeBron is gone, and he ain’t coming back. You as fans gave him everything you had, but unfortunately the players did not. So a tip of the cap to the fans and a thanks for nothing to the players for embarrassing the city.

Time to move on and start focusing on college players who will be available in the lottery!



  1. Well put Roda. LeBron flat out admitted on national television that he thought his former teammates were unqualified to win a title…….then these guys bow to him on their home court last night. Congratulations LeBron, you played those guys like a fiddle and they still love you. Wake up!

  2. K ( short for Kenny) love your blogs and shows. and again you put tell it the way it is. they looked like they dont even care.

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