As Scripted!

By Michael Reghi

***I am reflecting on***

The glow of satisfaction expressed by Browns head coach Eric Mangini yesterday, following the 13-10 win in Miami….consider if you will all the factions that Mangini holds near and dear, that played a significant role in the road win…excepting the running game being stifled. He required and received from his Browns the following:

1. Handling the Miami running game. Browns were sturdy allowing just 3 yards per carry to Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Kenyon Coleman, Ahtyba Rubin, Shawn Rogers, Brian Schaeffering, Eric Barton, and David Bowens…all played well against the run.

2. Winning the special teams battle. Reggie Hodges continues to excel! What a tremendous year he’s having! Averaged close to 49 yards per punt…puts the football down inside the 10 yard line as well as any punter in the game, and changes field position in doing so. Superb!

3. Having leads, or playing close, into 4th quarters, and then relying on the defense to force mistakes/turnovers, that Chad Henne continually gave them. The Browns aggressively showed a variety of alignments designed to take advantage of those Henne miscalculations.

4. Without that running game, seeing Jake Delhomme throw the football 34 times, and stay mistake free…don’t play the woulda, coulda, shoulda with me on Nolan Carroll’s drop…it’s one of close to 150 snaps in a football game, and how does that account for Delhomme’s other 33 throws, of which he hit 70% of by the way, for a qb rating close to 100? Benjamin Watson was superb, as he has been all year with 10 catches for 100 yards and a td, and Delhomme has been the only one of the 3 Browns qb’s to unlock some plays of significance from Mohammed Massaquoi, 4 catches for 81 yards, including ‘big plays of 37 and 31 yards. No running game, as Peyton Hillis was stifled? Mangini hammered Delhomme this week about poor decisions and throws that are game changers. Just as he put pads on the defense in week 13 in two days of practice, called them out, and said we’re going to hit, and clean up the tackling garbage…after poor performance cost them the Jacksonville game, and should have gotten them beat against Carolina as well. Love the head coach stepping in, and letting his coordinators know their units better get it cleaned up!

Finally, another big plus for Mangini…he’s gone 5-4 after the 0-3 start, 4-2, since the 1-5 beginning…and has done so with 3 different starting qb’s. Ask any offensive player or coach, and they’ll tell you it’s difficult to maintain a rhythm and flow about your game, with qb’s shuttling in and out….5 Colt McCoy starts,4 for Seneca Wallace, and 3 for Jake Delhomme. I’ve been tough on Brian Daboll, and rightfully so…so will Mike Holmgren when decision time comes. Through it all, a nFL team must find a way to stay relevant and win games. Eric Mangini has done that. He should be allowed a smile when it unfolds ‘as scripted’!

***I’m reflecting on***

The absolute reprehensible manner which the Cleveland Cavaliers approached, then rolled over and played ‘nice lap dog’…as Lebron James came to town last week. Disgraceful, shameful, and completely unacceptable. Don’t even bother Anderson Varejao, JJ Hickson, and Daniel Gibson specifically, in attempting to say’ the video and pictures’ of them in full hug and greeting with James ‘is misleading’!!! That’s complete crap, and nonsensical..not to mention a complete affront to every Cleveland Cavalier fans’ intelligence! You should be very, very insulted! And Byron Scott! Why, why would you let James carry on a running dialogue with your bench each and every trip down the floor on during the third quarter? Funny, I thought Scott was about anything, BUT THAT! Disappointed in a head coach I admire greatly.

Wasn’t it enough that James was torching you Cavaliers to the tune of 38 points, that easily could have been 50, had he stayed on the floor longer? No, you, as an organization decided to also spit right in the face of your fan base, who gave you all the motivation and inspiration you should have needed, with their strong, loud and well placed approach to James’ return.

So Cavaliers, here you go. You told an entire city, region, and state full of your supporters that you don’t care nearly as much as the fan base does. That’s beautiful! No wonder Dan Gilbert said ‘words can’t express what I’m feeling’, after the embarrassing shellacking. Hell, the owner was so livid, he finally muzzled himself before he hit the send button! What could he say? His organization went out and said it all with a passive, scared, indulging, ‘bow down’ to LeBron James. Hey Dan? Good luck with your next ‘let’s go get ’em, Cleveland speech! I understand your heart is in the right place…too bad you no longer have a chance in hell with your basketball product that could care less how you, or the city of Cleveland feels.

***I’m reflecting on*****

The exact opposite of the Cavaliers…those ‘heart of lions’ champions, from St. Edward, Maple Heights, Buchtel, and Chagrin Falls, who played like the winners they are in ;looking to win State of Ohio football championships this weekend! Loved watching all the young men, who along with their coaches, parents, families, and fans, gave us all the raw human emotion that competition brings.

Yes, St. Ed’s and Maple Heights are state champion winners…yet so are the kids from Buchtel and Chagrin Falls as well. Too have the opportunity to play 15 weeks of football as a teenager, and pour heart and soul into the opportunity, can never be taken away from all who competed. You made Cleveland, Akron, all of Ne Ohio proud of your accomplishments! Winners, one and all!




  1. What a great write Reghi…. By the way Gruden did not win one playoff game in Tampa after his Super Bowl win… for 6 years that team was one giant merri-go-round of chaos…. He swithces QB’s like underwear. No interest in Grumpy Gruden and his Cover 2…. Keep Mangini! he is building this team for the AFC North

  2. Reghi you and Kenny are two of the best on the site/channel first and foremost i needed to say that.

    I’m with you on the Cavs. I am admittedly a “fringe” fan. i watched maybe a dozen of LBJs games over the last 7 years and 5-6 games up to last thursday this season. no more for me, im okay with players not caring as much as fans but the didnt even connect with what the fans wanted. at least when you watch the indians play you can see effort and heart in the players even if they are well over matched.

    On Mangini, he doesnt just deserve another year he needs one. Mangini has done what every coach before him didnt bother to due. He built a Core of Young and Veteran players. he just didnt get a bunch of Sizzle. Every team in the NFL not just the AFC North has a base of running the ball and playing smart hard physical football. now yes some teams vary from that with a west coast offense throwing the ball more, but every Super Bowl Contending team runs the ball when they have to, and doesnt turn the ball over or commit stupid penalties alot. they all have a core of players that have been together for 4+ years and they add in pieces from that. We now have that group of players hear. and we will be adding a few more this comming off-season.

    I for one am tired of the Microwave fans wanting turn around every other year. and an Owner that gave it to them. this team has had far to many starting QBs in 12 years and far to many Coaching staffs. Now maybe some members of Manginis staff need changed, namly Mr. Daboll, I do not want to fire him. I want to keep him on under a seasoned vetran of a coordinater. Like a Josh McDaniels, Brian Shatinhiemer, or the ilk. The teams that have Dynastys and always seem to have the right coaches in place are the ones that grow them from within the organization. Look at our rivals in Pittsburgh, or the Patriots, or Greenbay. Hopefullly MR. Holgrem understands that and i think he does coming from one of the afforementioned organizations.

    People grow into great coaches they just dont happen on accident. Mangini is a good coach and smart person who seems to be asking Mr. Holgrem about things and situations and for advice because he knows he has a wealth of knowledge for him. the same with Daboll, Mangini shows alot of signs of becoming a great coach as he constantly improves as a head coach. Give him the time he needs instead of letting him go somewhere else to be that Great Coach. I know i love the browns and want them to win more than lose and if they dont do it this year it will be close and if they do all the better.
    and for the first time in 12 years Next Year may finally come, so lets give the man the credit and a little more time he is due.

    and one little remembered fact NO COACH HAS EVER WON A SUPERBOWL WITH MORE THAN ONE TEAM


  3. Reghi… Had such high hopes for you, then…….. You do a show talking about “philosophy”… did you miss Holmgren’s presser when he kept Mangini?! or are you and Grossi reaching desperation and now that the national media is picking up on how good the Browns are getting and the wins start to add up it is time to look for something Mangini can’t get around?! Embrace the Mangenious Reghi.. don’t fight him

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