Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

Great MONDAY MORNING to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?  YES, we need to talk…

Browns Safety Abe Elam

…and from the get go, YES, I was ticked with the Browns offense yesterday for the most part but guess what??  THE BROWNS WON 13-10 and I will take that win ESPECIALLY since I saw some of the following…

* Miami was great in dominating TOP (Time of Possession) but the Browns kept it to about 50-50 (fitty – fitty if you desire) holding on to the ball for 29:24 with the Fish keeping it 30:26!  THAT WAS HUGE!

* Love the impact BABY makes when he is in the game.  YES, he is hurt and cannot go every down, but when he is in his presence is felt!

* Did you notice that ABE ELAM is much better now that JOE HADEN is a starter, and not E. Wright?  FACT!

The Browns fought their opponents fight and won!  ’nuff said!

Now, I am worried about the Cavs.  The Miami game may have been the death knell…yes, even this early in the season!  The Wine and Gold get BRUTALIZED by the T’wolves then last nights loss to the Pistons was worse than the score.  Tuesday in Philly then home Wed to BOOOO-ZER and the Bulls (have any BOOS left in ya?)!

I also need to know which CAV will man up and donate 1/82 of his paycheck to the St. Augustine Hunger Center as NO ONE PLAYED Thursday vs the Heat!  ’nuff said!

KUDOS TOO to High School State Champs Maple Hts (gotta Love the MAP!!), St. Edward and Ursuline!  C Falls and Buchtel…keep your heads held high!  GREAT JOB BY ALL!  (and yes, my son plays for a St. Ed rival BUT my son and his boys and girls were in the Eagles stands Sat night!)

TALK TO YOU AT NOON TODAY (12/6) during LUNCH WITH MUNCH N-2p on ESPN 1540 KNR2 /!  You want more local, you got it!

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!


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