By Greg Brinda


That was nice. I haven’t said that about the Browns of late

The Browns win over the Dolphins on Sunday was about as nice a win as we’ve seen in a long time

Now I know Cleveland beat New Orleans and New England this year. Those wins were special. They were unexpected.

The win over Miami, though, was one of those victories that come with hard work, grit and determination.

We knew there weren’t going to be a lot of points scored so any execution on offense would be a plus.

Jake Delhomme managed the game well. Yes he almost threw a pick 6 but literally every quarterback in every game has at least one of those passes a game. The Browns tackled well and caught a couple of breaks. I had nothing but complete satisfaction when the game ended.

I know some people think the Browns won in spite of Delhomme. Listen! Quarterback issues in this town are like fresh catnip. People just go crazy when there’s some kind of quarterback controversy. Take it easy. Delhomme will be OK and will keep the seat warm until Colt McCoy returns. Until then, just enjoy what I think is turning out to be a pretty decent season.


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