Flowing Waters

By Michael Reghi

I’ve stated on numerous occasions my complete admiration for Cleveland State’s Gary Waters, and the perfect ‘fit’ that he brings to the Euclid Avenue program! It goes so much deeper then just the 11-0 start he’s fashioned with his Vikings. Waters, who uses so many of the John Wooden principles and philosophies in his coaching and teaching, is sitting right on the cusp of having Cleveland State basketball a perennial NCAA tournament team, much like Butler, in his own backyard, the Horizon League, and Gonzaga have been for over a decade.

Waters understands that he continually needs to make the Cleveland-Akron, Northeast Ohio high school players his priority. He is very strong with the high school coaches around the city, and that will continue to serve him well.

His teams play the game in the fashion the kids enjoy..pressure, 94 feet, get out and run, and use that relentless style to your advantage. It demands depth of the roster, and Waters has that.

Give this program your attention and focus this winter. Norris Cole, the phenomenal senior guard has NBA written all over him, while his running mates in the backcourt, Trevon Harmon, and Jeremy Montgomery have diverse games. They can slash to the rim, while shooting the ‘3’ with skill as well.

Waters doesn’t have his second best player currently, DeAundray Brown, the 6-5 slasher, who provides a solid rebounding mindset, with ma fierce defensive presence, and ability to finish on the break, that will greatly enhance the Vikings depth when he return later this month.

Yeah, their 11-0, the fastest Division 1 team to double digits wins on the year, and their fun to watch. Something tells me this edition of Gary Waters Cleveland State Vikings is primed to ‘do bigger and better’ then the Horizon League tournament championship win over Butler, and the subsequent NCAA tournament win over Wake Forrest two seasons ago.

Downtown Cleveland’s going to have a tremendous hoop vibe this winter….and it will come from the Wolstein Center on Prospect Avenue…with Gary Waters and the Vikings the maestros!! Enjoy the ride!

Has it been three decades, 30 years, since the tragic killing of the legendary John Lennon? Indeed, it has. 30 years ago tonight, December 8, 1980, I was a young broadcaster, a couple years into my career, calling Division 3 college, and high school football and basketball in Northwest Ohio, around Toledo, Defiance, Napoleon, and Lima. Never forget watching Monday night football, and having Howard Cosell say..” This just in from ABC News…the legendary Beatle, John Lennon, shot twice in the back outside the Dakota apartment building on the west side of Manhattan…John Lennon is dead’.

Imagine the different times, 30 years ago, with Howard Cosell the first to deliver the message of Lennon’s slaying on national television. I vividly remember the feeling of shock, disbelief, great remorse, as this type of cowardly act, from Mark David Chapman, denied us of the greatness that was John Lennon.

Iconic in his writing of music, much of it with Paul McCartney, Lennon blazed a trail through the late 60’s and 70’s unmatched as a musical genius. If you were born in 1965 or later, I have to believe that as a child and teenager, you were very well aware of the significance of The Beatles. Undeniably, one of our greatest artists/musicians of all time…a ‘Reg Salute of Excellence’, to the late great John Lennon!


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