Stop Talking About Gruden

By Aaron Goldhammer

Fifty years of futility has made Cleveland sports fans want to talk about what is coming next: the back-up quarterback, the Indians prospect, and the Cavaliers lottery pick. In certain cases, I understand this tendency. Alas, it does not seem like any current members of the Indians major league roster are bound for greatness. Why not scour Lake County for the next Cy Young award winner?

However, the constant speculation about Eric Mangini’s job is really starting to bug me. I know Jon Gruden is sexy. I know Cleveland fans get weak in the knees when they see baby pictures of him in a Browns jersey. I know he has something the current coach does not: a Super Bowl trophy. I understand that Mangini does not translate well to fans and I know he does not have most of them on his side.

However Browns fans need to know this…THERE IS NO WAY THE BROWNS ARE GOING TO MAKE A COACHING CHANGE IF MANGINI WINS TWO OF THE LAST FOUR GAMES. Mike Holmgren has said that he will continue to stick with Mangini as long as he sees the team making solid progress. If they go 7-9 and stay competitive, that is significantly better than last year. It would be a crime to shift on to a completely different track and not at least give Mangini a chance to take the next step. ‘

I’m not Mangini’s biggest fan and I thought he should have been fired at the end of last season. But as I watched the Browns perfectly manage the clock by kneeling down and kicking the winning field goal on Sunday in Miami, it hit me….

Mangini may never win a Super Bowl here, but Holmgren needs to let him at least try. The haters need to stop the Gruden speculation.

He’s earned it. He deserves it.



  1. Well said Hammer, while I don’t always agree with what you have to say, this was well put. Why would you can a guy who has progressed with the team to a team that is now in every game we play, no matter who we are up against

  2. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Hammer…. Perfect Blog…. Gotta make sure this one hits your boy Pete at Frowns! …glad to see you convert

  3. Absolutely correct on every point.

  4. Hey Hammer I have to add in my agreement here as well.

    gruden also has one major strike against him. NO coach has ever won a superbowl with 2 teams. why should he be that different. I remember at 14-16 hearing and agreeing with everyone that Billicheck would never win a Superbowl. hes got 3 rings and 4 or 5 appearences now so dont say never and let the man have a chance to succeed.

  5. Everyone forgets that Gruden got a Super Bowl ring w/ Dungy’s team. He didn’t get it done in Oakland. What makes anyone think that’ll he’ll come here and develop this team which is clearly missing the level of talent those two teams had?

  6. I am so sick of Cleveland fans, as I am one! All we want is change all of the time. This is the reason why the Browns can never become a good football team. John Gruden has a Superbowl ring only because he took the Buccaneers, which was a team that was mostly built by Tony Dungy. People automatically think that one Superbowl ring makes you god. Eric Mangini is building it right. The Browns are becoming more and more competitive each year with Mangini. The key word that Cleveland fans need to learn is “stability”. He is mimicking the Bill Belicheck recipe. He is putting football players on this team, not flashy playmakers that have an attitude. How many on or off the field problems do you see the Browns having with their players? The answer is none, because Mangini does not put up with that garbage. Niether do the Patriots. Media friendly or not, I want my Cleveland Browns to be a good football team and I see Mangini building this team the right way. He needsat least one more draft to make the Browns matter again. Every game this season with the exception of the Pittsburgh game was fun to watch. The Browns are competitive and are heading in the right direction. Enjoy it Browns fans!

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