You Were Right LeBron

By Will Burge

Maybe you were right. From the start I have said that going to play for the Heat was the right choice. As much as people in Cleveland did not want to hear it, “taking your talents to South Beach” was the right move.

So often we criticize athletes for not factoring in winning when making career decisions. Jason Werth just signed with the Nationals for $126 Million. He has now been relegated to losing for seven years which is most likely the rest of his career. Athletes choose comfort, money, and marketing opportunities over winning on a yearly basis. LeBron chose winning.

I know you think the formula isn’t working but the fact remains that the supporting cast in Miami is better than the one in Cleveland. Make no mistake, that is LeBron’s team and Dwyane Wade is a part of his supporting cast. Wade is averaging 22 points per game, the lowest since his rookie year in the league. LeBron James is leading the team in scoring, assists, minutes played, and is tied for steals per game.

I camped out by the Heat locker room at halftime of their game here in Cleveland and it was LeBron, not Wade or even Spoelstra, who was barking at his team about defensive assignments being missed.

So much for the idea of him going down as the Pippen to Wade’s Jordan.

You were right LeBron. You were right about the supporting cast here in Cleveland. They showed their true colors this past Thursday when they rolled over and showed their soft underbelly. You dismantled a team, fan base, and franchise’s self esteem in a single night.

Maybe you knew something we didn’t. Is this how soft they have always been? Did you see something during the playoffs which led you to believe that they would never let you get over the hump? Were they the albatross that weighed you down when trying soar to championship heights?

The Cavaliers are as much to blame for this debacle as LeBron. The same exact team which was dismissed as mediocre by you on “The Decision” didn’t have the heart for a fight in their house. They sat by like good little boys as you laughed, danced, and chuckled your way right out of town, again.

Maybe you were right. Maybe the fans were spoiled by your play. The crowd was as electric as I have ever seen it for your return to The Q. The fans made a strong showing during one of the worst blizzards in downtown Cleveland history and were louder than some full capacity arenas. Yet the Cavaliers let them down.

Even with full effort this team is not good enough to satisfy the thirst for quality basketball we were so used to digesting during your tenure.

You were certainly right about the weather. While Cleveland is still digging itself out of snow drift, Miami is 75 degrees, sunny, and full of beautiful women. I completely understand this part, I moved to Southern California for five years after high school.

Eventually, however, I returned home. It seems that many who venture away from northeast Ohio do eventually end up right back where they started. By choice or necessity, they return home.

Maybe you were right. Maybe you will “always come back to (Akron)” as you said in your letter to the fans in the Akron Beacon Journal.

Most fans in Akron will welcome you back.

Cleveland, on the other hand, will not. Cleveland never quite understood you. You never quite understood Cleveland. After all, you said growing up, “we hated Cleveland.”

Maybe you had it right. Because for most, the feeling is mutual.



  1. good read.

  2. I dont like the article. It was well written but you failed to point out on thing.
    This Cavs team was completely built around the talent of Lebron James. Jamison was brought in to stretch the floor to clear the paint for Lebron. JJ was brought in to be a good rebounder and for someone to develop a jump shot so he could stretch the paint. Boobie, Mo, Parker, Moon, Williams, and others were brought into to be mainly shooters for Lebron James.

    Everyone on the team was brought in to utilize James ability. Jamison and JJ were brought in to create room for James to drive to the paint, Boobie, Mo, Parker, and etc stopped teams from double teaming James because of the outside shot and when they doubled down it was easy for James to get his assist.

    The Cavs team made him pretty much a stat stuffer. Everyone was there to give him more points, more assist, and more rebounds.

    The reason the Cavs suck because they are missing the one player to kick start everything. Cleveland needs the ball dominate player that can get things going. There is no real leader, Mo is leader but default. When the Cavs get stuck in a halfcourt offense all the team does it pass, pass, pass, and shoot the ball once the shot clock is expiring.

    If the Cavs had a legit playmaker to work with the team would be a lot better. This entire team is made to playoff of someone.

    So if the Cavs got someone like Danny Granger he would be the perfect SF for this system because he would be able to do the things like Lebron but not as well but it would at least give everyone else on the team a player to play off of.

  3. You’re an idot.

  4. I appreciate the feedback! Good, bad, or indifferent.

    To make it clear, I don’t like the guy. I can’t stand the way he did Cleveland.

    I do, however, think that in 25 years he will have multiple championships, go down as one of the best, and “The Decision” will be nothing but a footnote in his career.

    THE most passionate fans in sports deserved better.


    • i dont see him winning multiple championship…i see him winning one maybe two

  5. the team did not give up lbj did the look on his face in game 5 said it all, he can’t play physicall ball sure he’s strong but whenboston was putting old school lambier defense on him ,he lost his game. remember what our coaches always told us THERES NO I IN TEAM, he;s been silver spoon feed his whole life he will never be a strong man he’s SOFT

  6. I have to say I disagree too if lebron wanted a championship he should have stayed in Cleveland and finished what he started we were so close or went to Chicago both teams well on their way… I do agree though that he is one of the greatest players and will always be remembered that way but his choice for Miami was all about the ego and I am definitely disappointed to watch him play with Wade then againt him Other than that I am proud Cleveland fans but definitely disappointed in the outcome of the game…. time to move on I guess

  7. Year to year, teams change. Pick any sport, any level. Coaches, players, management, etc. As a few other players (bigs) that are no longer with this team.This article/blog is certainly simplified. I won’t argue with your point of this move being the right decision for James professionally. However, in your simplicity, don’t insinuate James gave up in the Boston series because of supporting cast or anything else. Are you kidding me. It’s professional sports and he is the leader. A good one in South Beach as you point out.

    An awfully simple, shallow analysis

  8. I believe that one day, he will grow up and realize what a horrible thing he did even if it was in the name of charity. He will apologize and many will forgive him but will ask him to stay out of Cleveland as much as possible. But that will not happen for at least 10 years.

  9. I think you may be right Brian. He will someday grow up and realize the pain he caused. People don’t understand that right now he is a 25 year old kid who has been insulated from the real world since he was 16.

    He is about 3 months younger than me and I must say, if I had that much money and that many “yes men” I wouldn’t get it either.

    It does not make it right, it just is what it is.

  10. The article was a great read. I do think LeBron had a chance to finish with a championship last year, but the season got away from him. Personal issues, Shaq’s injury (and not coming back until the first game of the playoffs) and more were road blocks that needed hurdled. I just wish he would have risen to his MVP level and pulled the team through in game 5 versus the Celtics. You would think after Orlando took us out the way they did the previous season, that the team could come together and get it done.

    I am sure that the league will NEVER see a team have back to back best records as we did with the league MVP both years and NO RING to show for it!!!

    Oppurtunity lost – big time!!!!!!

  11. Good read.. I would only point out that I believe we could have gotten great players here to help him if he didn’t hold the team hostage over the last 3 years. He’s known for at least the last couple years he wasn’t staying. No legit free agent woulda came here without assurance outta LBJ for some more years. I blame nobody but him so I can’t agree with the articles title. I also can’t believe you don’t like Rocky. Hahaha!

    Much love to Eastlakes own Willy B. Keep killin it kid!

  12. […] proof is in the […]

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