Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

What a treat as I PROUDLY get to say to you (again, still) GREAT FRIDAY MORNING TO YOU C TOWN…you know I LOVE YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND and yes, we always need to talk, “converse” and engage in social discourse about OUR great city, OUR teams and OUR country!

I have a very pensive, proud moment coming up Sunday as my oldest son will get his first VARSITY LETTER!  I wish you all could meet him as he is PROOF and an EXAMPLE of that “GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU WORK HARD!”  YEAH, I am proud of him!  Shucks, I will probably shed a few tears! WW Hayes always said “IT DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING IF YOU DO NOT WORK FOR IT” so I must say, this LETTER is about broken bones, pulled muscles, “RUNG BELLS” and more!  Hope you get it.   I know REGHI does.  Michael and I talk about this all the time – it is not MACHO, not even “MUNCHO”, but about “MANNING UP” and doing the right thing, ala the SPIKE LEE flick!  In the Jimmy Cliff tune “The Harder They Come” he sings “I’d rather be a dead man in my grave, living as puppet or a slave”!  Dig it!  This does NOT have to be the FINALITY of death, BUT TAKING A STAND AND BEING A MAN’S MAN! Wow, that’s pretty dang heavy – I know though that I have NO PROBLEM looking in the mirror at night!

Be cool going to see me TODAY at Marc’s Painesville from 2p-4p as you sign up for another great ESPN CLEVELAND – 7 Up g’way and SATURDAY as you head to NORTHFIELD PARK and the FAN APPRECIATION PARTY!  DO NOT FORGET, NEVER FORGET…we at ESPN CLEVELAND are truly YOUR FANS!

Enjoy every sandwich!



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