Don’t Get ‘Buffaloed’

By: Michael Reghi

Sure, I know exactly what your thinking. You see a two win Buffalo Bills squad that the Browns are visiting Sunday, and you’ve got that ‘w’ all tucked away and put in the ‘good guys’ column!

Bills Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ah, if only it plays out that way in reality! Honestly? I have some concerns. I can see a scenario playing out that will test the Browns defensively, as Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bills Harvard educated quarterback, is running his offense effectively, hitting close to 60% of his throws, 20 td’s, and only 11 picks. He’s been effective of late, with receivers Stevie Johnson and Clevelander Lee Evans set to challenge the Browns secondary.

That secondary was aggressive and physical in the Miami win. Look for that type of play to continue in the blustery snow and cold of Buffalo. Just the type of December and January football that Eric Mangin says he relishes.

Look for the Browns to gear their offensive line up, and take control of a Buffalo defense that has problems with the run. You can expect Peyton Hillis to tote the football 25 times or so, as Brian Daboll seems to favor a controlled, short passing game with Jake Delhomme, who is looking to win his, and the Browns third straight as a starter.

My ouji board tells me the Browns get all of this accomplished in the winter bluster of Buffalo Sunday.

They’ll keep the suddenly resurgent Buffalo offense in check, control the line of scrimmage, and beat the Bills, with Phil Dawson, once again playing a key role in the second half.

23-17 Browns. 6-7, with three to go? I like the looks and sounds of that Browns faithful! Don’t you?

Best, Cleveland!



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  1. Isn’t it funny how quiet the “can Mangni” talk was when McCoy was playing… Delhomme was given $12.5 mill to walk for a reason. I have no idea what Holmhgren was thinking… McCoy must start and if he can’t then Wallace at this point. Mangini gave Delhomme a shot and “he is who we thought he was”… no way Holmgren can blame Mangini for not trying with delhomme.

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