Cavaliers, You Disgust Me

By Will Burge

For the past seven seasons the Cavaliers have been surrounded by jubilation, celebration, and any other positive word ending in “ation” that you can think up.

Even when things were not as good as they should have been, rose petals were thrown at the feet of the self-proclaimed “best franchise in the NBA.”

Unfortunately, the true mettle of a man, or a franchise, is measured not when things are at their best, but when things are damn near at their worst.

Test number one happened in downtown Cleveland on December 2nd. It was a resounding failure. In fact, it was a flat out embarrassment.

That debacle was game two of an eight game losing streak. During this streak, the Cavaliers have showed little to no effort in every game except one – a loss to Chicago.

Defense and rebounding is a byproduct of effort, not talent. During this skid the Cavs have allowed 113 points per game, are allowing teams to shoot 52% from the field, and they have been outrebounded by nearly 10 boards a game.

That is just sickening.

The Cavaliers have become the drunken uncle at you family party. They have become your rusted out Dodge Shadow that you use to pick up ladies on dates. They are the holiday sweater that you wore to the family portrait when you just happened to run into the most beautiful girl in school. The Cavaliers are now your first grade school picture when your mother made you wear a mullet.

The team has showed that they do not care about winning. So why should you care about them?

JJ Hickson, despite being the focal point of the offense when the season began, has shown he does not have the heart to rebound or play defense the way a power forward should.

Antawn Jamison cares. He cares about the team that he will be playing for after the trading deadline.

Anderson Varejao and Daniel Gibson have played with effort, but on the one night that Cavs fans needed them to show their devotion to the city, they embraced LeBron James like he was “the one who got away.”

Jawad Williams is a waste of a roster spot. Can you trade players back to the D-league?

The entire squad watched as LeBron poured talcum powder on his hands, threw a cloud in the air, and then b#%& slapped the city of Cleveland.

The only player that actually cares is Mo Williams. He was visibly upset by the way the Cavs lost to the Heat. Unfortunately, your most passionate player and default leader has the self esteem of a 16 year old girl who was just dumped. His eyes watered as the media asked him questions after the Heat game. He answered with one word responses and scowled as reporters waited for more comments.

The entire team is soft.

Mental toughness? There is not a single ounce on this team.

Heart? Courage? They need the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion to lead them down the yellow brick road.

Coach Byron Scott is not absolved of all criticism either. He patted LeBron on the butt before the game and set the tone for the Cavs. He did not feel that game was their entire season, but judging by the following six games, it might have been.

Test number two is a little over 24 hours away. The Cavaliers will take on the Miami Heat Wednesday night and this time the Cavs will be on the road.

Winning in Miami will not make the season a success, but it could turn the tide the way the first meeting did. Before the team can become victorious again, however, they need to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves if they actually want to win.

My guess is the mirror just might say no.


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  1. Burge your a genius.. It’s about time someone tells these guys how soft they are.. It’s a disgrace to the city.. I can’t believe Jawad Williams is still on the team while I’m stuck in the D-League. Regards Christian Eyenga!!!!

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