Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

Great TUESDAY morning to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?  Yes, we need to talk…

…about the head coach of the Browns.

Browns Quarterback Jake Delhomme

Simply put, Jake Delhomme CANNOT play QB any longer in the NFL.  Nice, nice career and if anyone sez his career was turnover prone, then they are idiots.  Now, he ended 2008 on a TO binge, it continued into 2009 and yes, the turn overs are still here and that is a fact!  IF Eric Mangini is penalizing Seneca Wallace since he told the media “I should be the starter” then he is costing the teams win and costing HIMSELF his job.  Now, GET HEALTHY COLT, as this ends the discussion!

Jake is a drug that is bad for you BUT you keep using it as you are addicted.  ERIC, come to me for help!  I’ll be your sponsor – I’ll get you clean!  WEE all like JAKE…BUT NOT AS OUR STARTING QB!

Thinking ahead to CAVS – HEAT…OUCH!  Cavs have lose 8 in a row, Heat jellin’ with 9 WINS IN A ROW!  Today during MIM TJ Zuppe noted “Miami should beat the Cavs w/ their 8th through 12th players.  We’ll find out as the Wine and Gold will be down by 30 after 3 quarters and we will see the Heats bench!  PLEASE CAVALIERS…go down fighting!

Also thinking BIG TEN (12)!  Leaders and Legends are the names for the divisions?  As Mike D’Amato from Nissan of North Olmsted would say “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??”  Whew…just do not like it.  I HAVE AN IDEA BIG TEN…win your BOWL GAMES and even another NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP soon!

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!


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  1. great post. Munch, why does Holmgren get ZERO blame in bringing in Jake?! He is who we thought he was. If he had never got hurt we would not know about Colt and this team would have NEVER beat NO and NE

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